2022 will be “a record year”, according to Civitatis

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2022 will be “a record year”, according to Civitatis
Alberto Gutiérrez Pascual, Civitatis
Source: Civitatis
January 20, 2022

Alberto Gutiérrez Pascual, CEO and Founder of Civitatis, presented last year's results at FITUR and expressed his "extreme optimism" regarding 2022

Yesterday, within the framework of FITUR, Alberto Gutiérrez Pascual reviewed how the past year was for the tourism sector and for his company, and also explained what tourism trends he expects for this recently begun 2022. Thus, the CEO and Founder of Civitatis He expressed his "extreme optimism" regarding this year 2022, a year that "will not only be the year of the consolidation of post-pandemic tourism, but will also be a year of records."

During the press conference, held at the FITUR International Press Center, Gutiérrez showed some of the milestones achieved by Civitatis in 2021. The Valladolid businessman began his talk by congratulating himself for being able to be in person at FITUR, in the same way that he has attended in last year to other highly relevant tourist events such as the Tianguis Turístico de México, the FIT in Buenos Aires or the WTM fair in London. Later, he continued his talk with a piece of data that was as surprising as it was optimistic: Civitatis exceeded the sales figures for 2019 in the last quarter of 2021, the best year in its history.

In the words of the CEO and Founder of Civitatis, “this growth in sales could not come from nowhere. Apart from the general public's desire to travel, which is undeniable, at Civitatis we have increased our catalog of activities by 40% in the past year, we have allied ourselves with some of the most relevant tourism players in the sector... Everything happens for a reason . Even our workforce has grown!” 

Regarding tourism trends for this 2022 and the years to come, Gutiérrez was "optimistic in terms of results, excited in terms of technological improvements and traditional in terms of destinations." The CEO and Founder of the Spanish platform is committed to breaking the Civitatis record, with more than 5,000,000 travelers in 2022, and believes that technological measures such as QR codes or computerized capacity control are here to stay and change tourism just as we knew each other. "And, if we talk about technology, at Civitatis we have very good cards," says the businessman from Valladolid.


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