Pax Assistance promises to revolutionize the travel assistance market

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Pax Assistance promises to revolutionize the travel assistance market
Source: Pax Assistance
January 21, 2022

The firm was born from the union Alexia Keglevich with Turismocity

Alexia Keglevich, with 34 years of experience as leader of Assist Card, presents Pax Assistance with Turismocity, the largest travel marketplace in Latin America. 

A call was enough to realize it. “As soon as we spoke we saw his incomparable passion. We don't know anyone who knows more about the industry than her”, says Santiago Botta, leader of the project for Turismocity. His first impression, of course, is understandable when he learns the story of Alexia Keglevich. She is the leading woman in the travel assistance market and with the most experience, not only in Latin America but in the world. With 34 years of leadership, 14 as Global CEO of Assist Card, Alexia knew how to transform the company founded by her father into a giant with a presence in more than 36 countries, 1,600 employees in charge and managed to multiply the value of the company, and now, True to its imprint and DNA, it goes for more. 

Alexia, together with TurismoCity, which has more than 10 years in the Internet industry, and which expanded its borders with FareCompare in the USA, promises to revolutionize the market with Pax Assistance, an agile and innovative company that will shake up the industry globally. 

“If we are new? Yes, but we have the most experience in the market. Now with Pax Assistance we seek to simplify the industry; enhance what is good and redefine services with new concepts adapted to the needs of today's traveler and travel agencies. “A company with a big heart and no small print, that is our imprint and commitment”, explains Alexia. And he adds: “Our name was chosen taking into account what “pax” is in the industry, added to its translation from Latin: PAZ – We want passengers to travel in Peace, and agencies to generate many commissions with Pax” highlights Alexia

And that conviction is the result of everything lived. “This is what more than 34 years of experience have given me. It is time to redefine the assistance industry and that is why, together with the digital leadership of a group like Turismocity, it is my new challenge”, says Alexia, who started visiting travel agencies when she was only 16 years old and who is an example of resilience and reinvent itself to expand its borders. 

From your hand, of course, Pax Assistance will offer unique products for each traveler and promises to be the most complete and accessible on the market. 

In addition, you will have the possibility of adding on-demand benefits designed for the needs of each traveler, which include everything from extreme sports to assistance for pets. In its proposal, Pax brings two unique and innovative products to the market: coverage only for COVID at an incredible price and an exclusive emotional support service for the traveler and their family.

Regarding distribution, one of the main channels will be the travel agencies that, thanks to an innovative, more functional and friendly issuance system, will help the agencies to issue Pax in seconds.  

“We noticed that the pandemic revalued the channel like never before, since customers want to buy their trips through their trusted agencies, which will always be available in case of any eventuality. 

That is why our objective from the beginning was to reduce to a minimum the effort required by the agencies to be able to integrate with our product, focusing a lot on achieving a simple issuance system that is easily adaptable to the operations of each agency, using the latest technologies in the industry.

This allows us today to offer a range of integration options that go from the possibility of embedding the purchase of assistance in the checkout of each sales site, to providing the agency with a customized quote and issuance panel to carry out the process manual with your sales team, or even set up your own quoting and issuance site adapted to the agency's brand”, highlights Santiago. 

"We promise to have the best prices, accompany each traveler in an empathetic and more human way, and make the entire experience simpler and more transparent, both for paxs and for agencies," Alexia summarizes about Pax Assistance, a company that is preparing to revolutionize the travel assistance market. 


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