Universal Assistance begins the year with optimism and important news

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Universal Assistance begins the year with optimism and important news
Silvina Garcia Fillol
Source: Universal Assistance
January 21, 2022

The travel assistance company opens the year with growth in demand and renewed support for the trade

Universal Assistance has had a positive 2021 and is committed to continuing to add this year. To know in detail the current situation in the company, we interviewed its Commercial Director Silvina Garcia Fillol. We share the answers below:

How do you notice the demand in a context with the current one?
Undoubtedly, the demand for travel grew strongly as well, but even more so the contracting of travel assistance.
Today, more than 40 countries in the world require medical assistance to enter their territory, and due to the context of covid-19, travel medical coverage has become essential, beyond this obligation. Currently, people choose to hire assistance with high coverage limits.
We believe that covid-19 came to put health first. People are more responsible when traveling and take all the necessary precautions to make a trip safely.

In which countries of the region is sales more active at the moment?
Throughout Latin America we saw a similarity in terms of travel growth during 2021, continuing this growth during this year. People began to travel both within their countries and abroad, considering medical assistance as an essential product for any type of trip.

What type of policy is the most sold at the moment?
The most purchased product is the Value (medical assistance of up to USD80,000). It offers coverage against covid-19, flexible products (that allow you to buy today and travel whenever you want), national products (with broad coverage caps) and we relaunched a Mobile application to the market including a new digital innovation service: Mobile Medical Self-Management . This digital solution allows our clients to manage their medical care completely online from their mobile device without the need to communicate with the call center.

How do you plan the year in this situation?
Undoubtedly, travel assistance has become an essential product for all passengers and as a leading company in the market we now have a greater responsibility, to care for and protect our customers at all times. That is why we will continue working on providing a safe and practical experience to all passengers in order to guarantee them the peace of mind they need when traveling. We believe that being aligned with technological strategies is important to continue offering a complete service to our clients, through the usual containment and professionalism.

In which events will they be present?
We have strong expectations for this 2022 where we hope to be able to participate in the largest number of regional events in the industry as we always did, supporting the sector with our participation, since in several of them we also take care of the protection of all attendees .

What types of initiatives do you have scheduled with the trade in this first part of the year?
The most important initiative with which we start the year is the re-launch of our partner portal where we also have the possibility that our clients, travel agents from all over Latam, can quote, issue and pay online, this is the beginning of other tools that we will be adding to our sales portal.

We continue to train our clients on immigration requirements and news on covid issues.


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