Sectur seeks to increase the segments with high purchasing power that visit Mexico

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Sectur seeks to increase the segments with high purchasing power that visit Mexico
Source: Sectur
January 24, 2022

The Secretary of Tourism held a working meeting last Friday at the Mexican embassy in Spain with tour operators specializing in Premium travelers

The Secretary of Tourism of the Government of Mexico, Miguel Torruco Marqués, today held a working meeting with tour operators specializing in the segment of travelers with high purchasing power, as part of the agenda that he develops in Madrid on his trip to attend the International Fair Tourism Fitur 2022.

He explained the approach and objectives of the tourism policy of the President of Mexico, Andrés López Obrador, who maintains that the tourism model must always be adapted for the benefit of the local population, making this activity a tool for social reconciliation.

He also explained the importance of the tourism industry in the Mexican economy, with a contribution of 8.7 percent of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), before the pandemic, and 4.5 million direct jobs, which represent 8.9 percent of the total. of job openings nationwide, among other relevant data.

He specified that between Mexico and Spain there is a historical relationship, which is why it is the nation that Mexicans who travel to Europe visit the most, with 597 thousand tourists in 2019; while in that same year there were almost 392 thousand Spaniards who traveled to our country, becoming the second European issuer of tourists to Mexico, after the United Kingdom, and leaving a spill of 392.2 million dollars.

He also showed them the strategic projects of the Presidency of the Republic, such as the Mayan Train; the Airport System, with the construction of the new “Felipe Ángeles” international air terminal; and the ecotourism developments of the Huasteca Potosina and the Marías Islands, among others.

Likewise, he highlighted the priority programs of the Sectur, such as the Altar Desert Race, in Sonora, and the Moctezuma Fish Race, which crosses several entities in the country, between Veracruz and the State of Mexico. 

Secretary Torruco Marqués said that the Mexican tourism industry is recovering, so it is estimated that its contribution to GDP last year will have been 7.1 percent, while by 2022 it will reach 8.3 percent, very close to recorded in 2019.

The meeting, which was held at the headquarters of the Mexican embassy in Spain, was attended by Pedro Domínguez and Pablo del Pozo, from the Nuba agency; Nuria Antiga, from Traveling to Mexico; Susana Fernández, from Discover Travel; Alicia Jódar, from Pangea; Sonia Oliveras and Pascale Speranza, from Aeroméxico; Celia Garcia, from Team 3; Francis of Assisi, from Platinium Travel; and businessman Elías Sacal.

Also present were Ambassador Óscar Esparza Vargas, Chargé d'Affaires of the Mexican Embassy in Spain; Humberto Hernández-Haddad, Undersecretary of Tourism of Sectur; Michelle Fridman Hirsch, Secretary of Tourism of Yucatan; and José Nieves Rodríguez, Secretary of Tourism of Tabasco.

Later, the head of Sectur received Oriol Pàmies, founder and CEO of Queer Destinations, a company specializing in the LGBTQ+ tourism segment.

They agreed to ratify the commitment to continue promoting Mexico's strategy to consolidate it as one of the main destinations of interest for this segment, which is characterized by high purchasing power.

With this objective, they have the goal of accrediting 10 destinations in Mexico with the Queer Destinations seal during 2022. Pàmies explained that this distinction is internationally recognized and is awarded to those sites that are committed to the segment, meeting a series of requirements that guarantee a chain of value sensitized and trained to receive the tourist of the community.

“It is important to continue working so that Mexico continues to position itself in reputation, image and brand as one of the main tourist destinations with the capacity to attract travelers from this important segment, said Secretary Torruco Marqués.”

For his part, Oriol Pàmies maintained that "the strategy of the Ministry of Tourism has been a pioneer, and is already being replicated in leading tourism countries such as Spain, where destinations such as Seville, Mallorca or the Basque Country have followed the success story of Mexico".

Secretary Torruco Marqués also met, separately, with Yanina Martínez, secretary of Tourism Promotion at the Ministry of Tourism and Sports of Argentina, and with Megan Parkinson, of the Latin American Association of the United Kingdom.

In both cases they talked about developing activities in favor of increasing the tourist flow between the countries and the participation of Argentina and the United Kingdom in the Tianguis Turístico México 2022, which will take place in Acapulco, as well as the presence of Mexico at the International Tourism Fair (FIT) in Buenos Aires and at the World Travel Market London, at the end of 2022.

They also agreed to hold meetings with tour operators from each country.

Finally, the head of Sectur received a visit from Édgar Veggelaar, from Nebex Eventos, with whom he discussed the probability of bringing major events to Mexico that contribute to the tourism sector in our country.


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