Travelers more aware of the risks, one of the trends that he foresees for this 2022

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Travelers more aware of the risks, one of the trends that he foresees for this 2022
Source: PHG Consulting
January 25, 2022
Universal Assistance, explains some relevant factors for the trips that will be made during this season

The new world reality that we are experiencing has greatly changed the way people travel and both travelers and companies that offer tourist services have had to adapt to this changing context day after day. For this 2022 some travel trends are expected that it is important to take into account.

Universal Assistance, the company that provides travel assistance services, explains some relevant factors for the trips that will take place this year.

The traveler is more aware of the risk
According to Ricardo Fernández, Commercial Manager of Universal Assistance for Colombia, this new reality has made travelers more aware of the importance of traveling protected with travel assistance and this has led our brand to expect a higher conversion of sales in the different channels, especially in digital (e-commerce).

“In short, the fear of being infected by one of the variants of Covid-19 has been one of the biggest factors that has made people seek assisted travel, but there is also a greater sensitivity towards risks such as trip cancellation, flight delay. , convalescence due to illness, accidents during the trip, loss of documents, or even the need to have telemedical assistance to receive a formula that allows you to buy a frequently used medicine when the person stays for reasons of force majeure in a destination " Fernandez explains. 

Regarding the destinations in which passengers prefer to travel supported by travel assistance, the company points out that there will not be such a marked differentiation between national or international destinations since the trend is to acquire travel assistance for both types of trips, as has been evidenced for several months.

Duration and types of trip
Regarding trips to international destinations, the average indicates that the average stay is 15 days, while trips within the country are around 4 days. These stays are highly influenced by vacation trips, which have increased their share of sales volume and weigh more and more than long stays or trips that exceed 90 days.

On the other hand, the company estimates a wide reactivation of study, vacation and corporate trips, with travelers who will return to their work missions abroad during 2022. According to Fernández, this motivation has led Universal Assistance to prepare offers for each type of traveler, with more and renewed technological aids, a renewed and comprehensive APP, with telemedicine and self-management services that are now available to all its customers.

Travel assistance goes beyond price
At Universal Assistance we offer covid-19 coverage in all our products, flexible products (that allow you to buy today and travel whenever you want), national products (with broad coverage caps) and we are relaunching the market our Mobile application including a new digital innovation service: Mobile Medical Self-Management. This digital solution allows our clients to manage their medical care completely online from their mobile device without the need to communicate with the call center.


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