Brazilian Ministry of Tourism launches safe tourism program

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Brazilian Ministry of Tourism launches safe tourism program
Source: MTur
February 02, 2022

The initiative contemplates 59 actions in seven axes to improve each of the aspects necessary to promote the sector in the country

Develop actions and public policies to increase the sense of security of tourists in the country. That is the objective of the "Safe Tourism Program", launched this Tuesday (02.01), by the Ministry of Tourism and Embratur, during the 1st meeting of the Tourism Security Forum, in Brasilia (DF). The initiative, a pioneer in the country, comprises 59 actions divided into seven lines of action that involve citizen security, prevention of sexual exploitation of children and adolescents in tourism, relations with consumers in tourism, tourist transport, civil defense , health surveillance and positive communication .

Participating directly from Recife (PE), the Minister of Tourism, Gilson Machado Neto, stressed that the proposal is a milestone for the country's sector, given the need to transmit reliable information on the subject. “We are implementing and we are going to put proposals on paper that should improve tourist safety in our country. An old requirement to which we are only now giving adequate space and which will undoubtedly be reflected in the growth of our sector”, he said.

For the preparation of the "Safe Tourism Program", the Ministry of Tourism and Embratur met during the year 2021 in order to develop proposals that efficiently serve the population. At the end of these meetings, 59 actions were created, including the mapping of specialized police stations, the preparation of a diagnosis of tourist security and a monitoring panel for the Code of Conduct developed by Pasta, in addition to the definition of strategies on security and tourism. . .

The director of the Department of Market and Competitive Intelligence of the Ministry of Tourism, Nicole Facuri, highlighted that the Program was built from the understanding of the potential that tourism has to generate employment and development in Brazil. “We intend to provide a guiding document on the actions of the Ministry of Tourism aimed at tourism security. It is a comprehensive planning effort so that policies are assertive, based on the best practices of the federal government. It is a very hard job of articulation so that we can cover all these security biases that we are raising, ”she noted.

The president of Fornatur, Fabrício Amaral, congratulated the initiative of the Ministry of Tourism in creating the program and recalled the importance of mobilizing to bring together the other entities of the federation. “The National Forum can help a lot, involving governance, each with their own capabilities. Both the state and municipal secretaries have to get involved, especially in the big capitals and in the largest destinations and thicken that broth there, which is very nice. Congratulations to the Ministry of Tourism for setting the pace of things. Count on us”, he stressed.

Entre las expectativas del Programa está la contribución para el posicionamiento de Brasil como un destino seguro, la sensibilización de los diversos actores que contribuyen a la seguridad turística, la mejora de las relaciones de consumo turístico y el intercambio de información entre instituciones con gestión en defensa civil.

Established in October 2021, the Tourism Security Forum had its first meeting this Tuesday (01.02). In a hybrid way, the meeting addressed the Public Security axis and had as its theme "the importance of public security data for the benefit of tourism security". Two specialists were invited to present the topic, the General Coordinator for the Implementation of SINESP, from the Ministry of Justice, who presented the National Public Security Information System-SINESP, and Dr. Patrícia Alemany, Chief Delegate of the Department of Tourism Services of Rio de Janeiro, who presented the study developed in the state capital on the subject. Also during the meeting, the first guidelines for the development of actions in the segment were discussed.


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