Turkish Airlines introduces sustainable aviation fuel on its flights

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Turkish Airlines introduces sustainable aviation fuel on its flights
Dr. Ahmet Bolat, Turkish Airlines
Source: Turkish Airlines
February 03, 2022

While it will be used one day a week on selected routes, there are plans to use it on a larger scale

Aiming to protect the richness of nature for future generations in Turkey and in 128 countries of its flight network, Turkish Airlines started using sustainable aviation fuel on its flights. Aviation fuel obtained from sustainable sources was used for the first time on flight TK1823 which departed Istanbul Airport for Paris Charles De Gaulle Airport on February 2, 2022. While sustainable fuel will be used one day a week in chosen route, there are plans to use it on different routes on a larger scale.

Aware of the effect that the aviation sector has on climate change and developing projects to reduce this effect, the flag carrier took a significant step to reduce the carbon footprint of its passengers with sustainable aviation fuel. The sustainable aviation fuel to be used for Turkish Airlines has 87% less greenhouse gases compared to fossil fuels.

“We are the airline that flies to more countries than any other in the world. This also means that we are the airline that also introduces its passengers to the richest biodiversity. With this mentality and responsibility, we conduct our work towards the achievement of sustainability. Our first flight using sustainable resources is part of that vision. We believe that future generations will be able to continue discovering the world and its preserved beauty with Turkish Airlines. Our focused efforts to protect our world will continue." Testified at the first flight with sustainable aviation fuel, the chairman of the board and executive committee of Turkish Airlines, Prof. Dr. Ahmet Bolat.

The fueling process is also facilitated by Turkish Airlines subsidiary Turkish Fuel Services (TFS). Sourced from the Neste company, the eco-friendly product is stored at the TFS fuel farm and loaded onto planes after blending with jet fuel. Turkey's flagship airline's next goal goes beyond using sustainable fuel for its flights. The global brand is conducting the "Sustainable Microalgae-Based Bioreactor Fuel Project (MICRO-JET)" with Bogaziçi University and the support of TUBITAK. When the project is completed, Turkey and Europe's first carbon-negative integrated biorefinery will start operating.

This sustainable, high-energy fuel helps reduce harmful particulates from SOx and NOx emissions due to clean burning. Produced from sustainable raw materials and free of harmful heavy metals, this fuel will be used once a week as a start on Istanbul - Paris flights.


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