Vidanta Cruises presents its initial itinerary

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Vidanta Cruises presents its initial itinerary
Source: Grupo Vidanta
February 08, 2022

Vidanta Elegant, the inaugural vessel in the line, promises a comfortable and intimate feeling like that of a private yacht

After more than 47 years of creating and perfecting vacation experiences in the most beautiful destinations in the country, Grupo Vidanta –the leading developer of resorts and tourist and entertainment infrastructures in Mexico and Latin America– presents the initial itinerary of Vidanta Cruises, the first line Mexican luxury cruise ship in Mexico, which will be available for Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta guests to exclusively enjoy in advance an extraordinary three-day, two-night voyage on the magnificent coasts of Puerto Vallarta and Mazatlan, beginning April 14 . Sailing will be aboard Vidanta Elegant, Vidanta Cruises' inaugural adult-only vessel that promises a comfortable and intimate feel like a private yacht.

Carefully designed to create a private and highly personalized sailing experience, but with a wide range of exciting amenities, dining options and activities, Vidanta Elegant will kick off operations with an exclusive debut-inspired itinerary perfectly crafted to explore the culture and Mexican traditions in some of the country's hidden gems and to show the world the unique beauty of Mexico.

With an exceptional capacity of 298 guests, the 149 cabins and suites that make up Vidanta Elegant offer impressive exterior views and reflect comfort, style and spaciousness in an environment of complete exclusivity and luxury, finely equipped and all of them guaranteeing maximum security with the incorporation of the strict health and hygiene protocols of Grupo Vidanta's Extraordinary Standards® in its operations, which makes Vidanta Cruises also the first cruise line with a COVID protocol, which stands out for its medical-grade PYURE technology, whose filtration systems were designed specifically for their inaugural ship and have been shown to remove 99.9% of all viruses, while allowing fresh air to circulate throughout all areas of the ship.

"When we started the process to bring Vidanta Cruises to life, we were very clear that we wanted to exceed the expectations of our guests, as well as positively impact our Mexico and our people. After an arduous process, we are very happy with the result. Not only we have become the first Mexican developer that operates both on land and at sea within the national territory, but we are also generating new direct and indirect jobs that will benefit many communities on the Mexican Pacific coast and we are positioning our country as a destination world-class tourism," said Iván Chávez, executive vice president of Grupo Vidanta. "We reiterate the commitment that we have as Grupo Vidanta with the integral development of Mexico,

Vidanta Elegant features 13 restaurants and bars, a state-of-the-art spa and fitness center, a lounge with live entertainment, and, exceeding the industry average, offers nearly twice as many outdoor and public spaces per guest, plus a balcony area superior to those of the main national and international cruise ships; a ratio of nearly one crew member to every passenger, as opposed to the standard one to five.

Extending Grupo Vidanta's award-winning hospitality, entertainment and exceptional service on land to the high seas, Vidanta Cruises will set a new standard in the travel industry and mark a milestone in Mexico's maritime history.


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