Pacific Alliance promotes the promotion of MICE tourism in Peru

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Pacific Alliance promotes the promotion of MICE tourism in Peru
February 09, 2022

As part of the country's tourism sector recovery strategy, PROMPERÚ actively participates in various activities

Among the most recent activities, the Pacific Alliance Meetings Tourism Caravan stands out, which consisted of the development of four training sessions of the four destinations (Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru), which were in charge of a group of experts from the block to publicize the offer of the corporate, associative and event tourism segment.
The seminars were aimed at the professional channel and managed to bring together more than 200 people, including representatives of convention bureaus, venues for events (convention centers, non-traditional venues, hotels), tour operators specializing in groups, professional organizers congresses and service providers from different Latin American countries.
On the other hand, the Working Group of the Pacific Alliance - GTAP has developed a methodology for capturing joint events and their rotation among the member countries. In addition, the team identified a list of associative events with the potential for joint recruitment, which can be held in the region or have been successfully carried out in the member countries, so that two or more countries of the bloc can present a joint candidacy.
"It is important to report that among the next actions of the Pacific Alliance, there is the development of digital tools for the promotion of the meeting tourism offer. Likewise, it is important to highlight that last year during the VII Tourism Macro Round of the bloc , Peru held 23 business meetings, which generated a business expectation for the meeting tourism segment of nearly US$4 million”, reported Amora Carbajal, executive president of PROMPERÚ.

MICE Tourism in Latin America
In 2021, the meetings industry contributed US$21 billion to Latin America's GDP, an encouraging figure despite restrictions and limited capacity. While in 2019 the direct economic impact was US$33 billion among the countries of the region.
According to the latest report (2019) of the International Association of Congresses and Conventions (ICCA), if the Pacific Alliance were a country, it would be in position # 6 in the world ranking by number of meetings, only surpassed by countries like the United States, and European countries such as: Germany, France, Spain or the United Kingdom.
The block contributes 21% of the congresses with the ICCA parameters held in the Americas and 41% of the congresses held in Latin American countries in 2019. The main items of the congresses held in the Alliance countries in 2019 were: Medicine, Education, Technology, Sciences and Culture.
There are more than 104 international associations based in the countries of the Alliance and about 60 convention bureaus that actively work to attract meetings.


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