Sectur announces new air routes between Mexico and Colombia

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Sectur announces new air routes between Mexico and Colombia
Source: Twitter @TorrucoTurismo
February 08, 2022

The Secretary of Tourism of Mexico highlighted that in 2021, 455 thousand Colombian tourists arrived in the country by air, a recovery of 75.5 percent, compared to 2019

The Secretary of Tourism of the Government of Mexico, Miguel Torruco Marqués, accompanied by the Ambassador of Colombia in Mexico, Hon. Ángela Ospina de Nicholls, and the general director of Viva Aerobus, Juan Carlos Zuazua, announced the new routes Medellín-Mexico City-Medellín and Medellín-Cancún-Medellín that the airline will operate.

He pointed out that air connectivity is a key element in the tourism production chain, "because it facilitates the rapprochement between towns and the possibility that more tourists visit the attractions available to a destination."

Torruco Marqués indicated that the aviation industry accounts for 43.6 percent of the international tourist flow that travels to our country; and that in 2019, the national air activity contributed 3 thousand 028 million dollars to the National GDP and generated almost 35 thousand jobs.

The head of the Ministry of Tourism (Sectur) specified that Mexico's airport network is made up of 76 airports, 56 international and 20 national, where 1,765 origin-destination routes operate, of which 143 allow connectivity with 27 countries in the world. .

He added that with the new flights of Viva Aerobus, a 100 percent Mexican company that has 142 routes to 59 destinations, the task of capturing a greater number of currencies, diversifying our market and regionalizing tourism is strengthened; as well as the promotional work carried out in Mexico and abroad.

He recalled that while worldwide there was a contraction of 73 percent in international tourist arrivals, and the great powers lost 84 percent, in the case of Mexico the decline was only 46 percent.

“That at the same time gave us the opportunity to be visited by segments with high purchasing power, who did not come to Mexico, and thus they discovered the great developments, how professional the hoteliers are, the unmatched service with well-prepared protocols, and that at the same time it is a promotion for future reservations”, added Torruco Marqués.

The Secretary of Tourism explained that the new routes will begin operations as of April 8 with three weekly flights on the Medellín-Cancún-Medellín route and with one daily flight on the Medellín-Mexico City-Medellín route.

He pointed out that each flight will have an arrangement of 186 seats, which is estimated to generate a flow of 180,000 passengers a year between both routes.

“Now we have one more option for our brothers from Colombia to visit us and get to know two emblematic destinations: Mexico City, with multiple attractions, some of them a World Heritage Site, and the city of Cancún, with its beaches of turquoise water. turquoise and theme parks of international stature”, said Torruco Marqués.

He added that in 2019, 603 thousand tourists arrived in Mexico by air from Colombia, which left an economic spill of 604 million dollars, placing this country in third position in arrival of foreigners to Mexico by this route.

Due to the pandemic, this market had a fall that began to reverse, and at the end of 2021, 455 thousand Colombian tourists arrived, spending 518 million dollars, achieving a recovery of 75.5 percent in the arrival of tourists and the 86.3 percent in economic income, compared to 2019, pointed out the Secretary of Tourism.

“With this trend, in April of this year, we will have recovered the levels of 2019, both in tourist arrivals and in terms of spending. The Secretary of Tourism of the Federal Government will continue to search for new markets in the different continents to consolidate our destination Mexico as a tourist power”, concluded Miguel Torruco Marqués.

For her part, the Colombian ambassador to Mexico, Hon. Ángela Ospina de Nicholls, highlighted: “The arrival of Viva Aerobus to Medellín will further strengthen tourism and commercial relations between the two countries while stimulating an economic flow in both directions. Connectivity in the case of Colombia and Mexico is key because we are friendly countries, and among friends we have to travel, visit and get to know each other, and the only way we have to do it is if we are connected”.

Finally, the general director of Viva Aerobus, Juan Carlos Zuazua, mentioned that with the two new routes to Medellin "we continue to bring together two countries that share great commercial and cultural ties and have great tourism potential for the benefit of all passengers."

"We arrived in Antioquia to serve travelers as they deserve: with the youngest fleet in Mexico, flexibility, focus on health and safety, commitment to customer service and unbeatable rates," he said. 

Also present at the announcement of the new air routes were the Undersecretary of Tourism, Humberto Hernández-Haddad; and the director of ProColombia in Mexico, Adriana Gutiérrez Cadavid. 


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