The health situation has evolved but remains a priority for travelers

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The health situation has evolved but remains a priority for travelers
Source: Twitter @IATA
February 17, 2022

This is revealed by a study published by the travel insurance aggregator

Two years after the start of the Covid-19 pandemic in the country, traveler uncertainty remains at an all-time high.

Consumer data collected by travel insurance aggregator reveals three ways Covid-19 is still shaping traveler behavior:

  • Covid leads demand for travel insurance
  • Squaremouth reports a 181% increase in travel insurance sales in January 2022, compared to January 2019, with almost half of travelers looking specifically for coverage related to Covid-19.
  • Nearly 40% of travelers buying insurance on have indicated they specifically need Covid coverage, roughly the same percentage as in 2020, despite the opening of borders, vaccination efforts and tighter quarantine restrictions. short.

Variants spark a shift in concerns
Before the Omicron variant, travelers expressed their greatest concern about contracting the virus and having to cancel a trip.

Following the variant and subsequent responses from countries, travelers indicated they were more concerned about border closures than a Covid-related illness. Nearly 32% of travelers identified border closures as their biggest concern that may cause them to cancel, while 29% are more concerned about contracting the virus and not being able to travel.

Travelers fear being stuck abroad
As countries remain open, the US continues to require a negative test before returning.

Today, the main concern of travelers related to Covid-19 is contracting Covid-19 abroad and not being able to travel home as planned. 45% of Squaremouth commuters said they were most worried about contracting Covid-19 during their trip, more than twice as those worried about contracting Covid-19 while traveling and in need of medical attention. is home to the largest number of travel insurance providers and policies offering coverage related to the Covid-19 pandemic. Squaremouth Analytics has compared thousands of travel insurance policies purchased amid the Covid-19 pandemic to identify trends in how travelers are responding to the shock.


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