Getaways to the coast of São Paulo and a quick visit to the largest city in South America with the right to “pocket” carnival

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Getaways to the coast of São Paulo and a quick visit to the largest city in South America with the right to “pocket” carnival
Source: MTur / Embratur
February 17, 2022

With the street carnival suspended for the second consecutive year, the people of São Paulo will live an atypical holiday, but no less fun for that

Brazil's most populous state offers a range of attractions that begin in the city - where Carnival is not dead, just asleep - and culminate in its beautiful coastline. The safety pins of São Paulo and its coastline, below.

Global gastronomy
What is the typical food of São Paulo? If you ask its inhabitants, they will be able to list pizza, sushi, strogonofe, falafel or risotto. The heritage of immigration in the capital of São Paulo is maintained in its restaurants, even from the neighborhood bakeries that bake bread several times a day and serve freshly made fruit smoothies. With options for all budgets, it is worth noting that 17 Brazilian restaurants are in the ranking of Latin America's 50 Best Restaurants, promoted annually by the British magazine Restaurant. Most of the award-winning restaurants are in São Paulo, including DOM (3rd place), Maní (7th) and Casa do Porco (11th).

Urban culture and carnival in pandemic
Lively and sophisticated neighborhood, Itaim Bibi is a hub of offices, restaurants (from the simplest to the most luxurious) and designer shops. Parque do Povo is one of its green lungs, and its proximity to Paulista Avenue and the best shopping malls make it a strategic location. Not far away is Vila Madalena, more informal and bohemian, with more popular and refined options. The traditional troupes (blocos) of the São Paulo carnival were put on hold until 2023, and the parade of the escolas in the sambódromo was postponed until April, but the carnival atmosphere can be enjoyed on weekends in the Municipal Market. There will be presented the groups of the Escola de Samba Unidos da Vila Maria, one of the most traditional of São Paulo; the groups Forró Brasilis, Conexão Brasil New Orleans and Samba da Glória,

Avenida Paulista
La Paulista expresses much of the essence of the capital: in its almost three kilometers of extension are the São Paulo Museum of Art (MASP, which is preparing a major retrospective of Brazilian modernists for June), the Fiesp Cultural Center - Ruth Cardoso, Moreira Salles Institute, Itaú Cultural, the Museum of Image and Sound (five km from Paulista) and the Casa das Rosas. Nearby, it is possible to visit the popular Rua Augusta, the elegant Oscar Freire and the Soccer Museum, with its innovative interactive proposal. On Sundays the avenue is closed to traffic for sports activities. 

The urban “beach”, Ibirapuera Park
São Paulo's main garden is what the beach is to Rio de Janeiro: a photograph of the soul of the city. The complex houses the Museum of Modern Art of São Paulo (MAM-SP), Afro Brasil Museum, Biennial Foundation, the Ibirapuera Auditorium and the Museum of Contemporary Art. Whether it is with a new exhibition, an unprecedented concert, a presentation at the theater or even a sunset, Ibirapuera always has a place on the agenda of those who visit the city.

Paulista coast near the capital: Iporanga (Guarujá)
Praia de Iporanga is one of the most hidden beaches of the Guarujá circuit and is incredibly beautiful and clean, it is characterized by a waterfall that flows into the sand, creating the perfect environment to relax and to enjoy. Being located within a condominium, car entry is limited, so you have to arrive early and guarantee a place facing the sea, which usually has rough waves and is 125 km from Avenida Paulista.

Itaguaré (Bertioga)
Neighbor to the famous São Lourenço Riviera, Praia de Itaguaré is less known, which makes it more preserved and ideal for relaxing. Its crystal clear waters are ideal for those who want to surf or simply admire the landscape. In addition, a river flows into the sand forming incredible natural pools. To get there, just enter the Riviera de São Lourenço (a neighborhood that is already worth the visit), walk to the end of the beach and on the last street take a five-minute trail to Itaguaré (132 km from Avenida Paulista).

Camburí (São Sebastião)
Camburí beach is one of the favorite options for those who visit São Sebastião. The crystal-clear sea and good waves, together with the strong presence of the Atlantic Forest vegetation, create a landscape that leaves breathless visitors who arrive by car, traveling about 172 km from Avenida Paulista. 

Getting to São Paulo is simple and opens up dozens of possibilities to get to know the country. The city is a hub for daily international and domestic flights, not to mention the options for those who want to arrive by car.

“Sao Paulo is one of the gateways to Brazil”, comments Carlos Brito, president of EMBRATUR. “Daily flights connect the city with the world and with all the corners of Brazil, which is why I consider it essential to visit São Paulo for a few days, even if the city is not your initial destination, since it offers an infinity of cultural and leisure options. , without forgetting its parks, museums and restaurants of international level. That added to its coastline, with incredible beaches, which are often only known by São Paulo residents, but which more people deserve to enjoy."


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