Skydiving captured tourist attention at Playa Tambor, Costa Rica

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Skydiving captured tourist attention at Playa Tambor, Costa Rica
Source: ICT
February 17, 2022

The activity generated economic linkages and tourism promotion in the Nicoya Peninsula

The clear cloudscape of Playa Tambor and its surrounding communities was filled with the colorful presence of 182 skydivers from 14 countries, who performed daring acrobatics and formed figures for the enjoyment of all tourists and residents.
Precisely, this tourist destination, -located in the province of Puntarenas on the Nicoya Peninsula- was selected as the venue for the international skydiving event "Vertical Challenge 2022" held from February 13 to 18.
However, this Wednesday, February 16, the main event took place, with dozens of light aircraft taking off from the Tambor airport to achieve multiple jumps over 4,000 meters high by a select group of adventurers.
This elite group is made up of 30 world champions, 5 from the skydiving hall of fame and 15 with world records, the British Maxine Tate stands out, who recently broke the world speed record in women's free fall by more than 500 km per hour .
According to David Clark, one of the local organizers of the event, "Costa Rica has the optimal conditions for holding this international event, due to the beauty of Playa Tambor and the peninsula seen from the air, as well as a warm climate for skydivers. professionals".
Clark added that “the 2022 Vertical Challenge has had a positive impact on the community, with the presence of 300 adventure-loving visitors from 14 countries who have toured for two weeks, carrying out tourist activities, visiting restaurants and sharing quality content on social networks. specialized”.
Tourism Minister Gustavo Alvarado Chaves was present and said he was pleased that Costa Rica is reinforcing its position as an ideal place for outdoor activities and a destination to reconnect with what is truly essential.
“This international skydiving event proves the scenic beauty of our country from a unique perspective at more than 4,000 meters high. Undoubtedly, Costa Rica offers tourists a huge number of alternatives to recharge energy and carry out activities that contribute to economic reactivation, linkages, and the strengthening of tourism employment in the Puntarenas province and the Nicoya Peninsula,” concluded Alvarado.
Landing with fun and school supplies
According to ICT data, 62% of tourists who visit Costa Rica by air engage in adventure activities and 24% do outdoor sports, including skydiving as one of the alternatives.
To close the main event, after 3 in the afternoon, all the participants showed a colorful show of acrobatics and landings at Playa Tambor in the center of the town.
The aerial visitors descended to entertain the children of the community and offer them the donation of school supplies and sports equipment, prior to the start of classes.
For Ángel Coello, representative of the Paquereña Chamber of Tourism, this event represents not only a striking event, but rather allows to attract attention and make known a tourist destination with multiple attractions in the Nicoya Peninsula, endowed with attractive beaches to enjoy. , hiking and multiple activities.
The 2022 Vertical Challenge was attended by skydivers from Costa Rica, the United States, Canada, England, Dubai, Spain, Colombia, Brazil, Palau, Italy, South Africa, Germany, Belgium and Norway.
The main organizer of this event was Rich Grimm, an American native of California, who is president of the Tsunami Sky Divers club.


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