Uruguay seeks to promote investments in Dubai

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Uruguay seeks to promote investments in Dubai
Source: Uruguay Presidencia
February 21, 2022

President Lacalle Pou participated in the celebration of Uruguay Day at Expo 2020. There he stated that the country provides security to do business, due to the institutions and freedom available

In the celebration of Uruguay Day at Expo 2020 Dubai, Lacalle Pou affirmed that the country provides security to do business, due to the institutionality and freedom it has. He said that the strategic axes are to preserve human, animal, environmental health and food safety. “We need support and partners. We want them to go invest and be owners, partners or shareholders,” she indicated.

The President of the Republic, Luis Lacalle Pou, attended accompanied by his wife, Lorena Ponce de León; the chancellor, Francisco Bustillo; the Minister of Economy and Finance, Azucena Arbeleche; the Minister of Industry and Energy, Omar Paganini; the one of Livestock, Agriculture and Fishing, Fernando Mattos, the one of Tourism, Tabaré Viera. The executive director of Uruguay XXI, Sebastián Risso, and other national authorities also attended.

The president greeted and thanked the government officials for their great work in building the stand and the national business community, who left their tasks and accompanied the official delegation.

“We repeat and we are convinced that the private sector is what makes a thriving country and makes it progress. It is the Government that has to generate clear regulations so that one can, over the years, plan their activity and thus generate prosperity”, he assured.

On the occasion, he recalled that freedom for Uruguayans is a very precious asset. He expressed that, when observing the audiovisual material that is presented at the fair, the visitor meets the best national traditions in a cumulative process of many years and always with the common thread of freedom as a nation and of the person as a center.

Lacalle Pou assured that Uruguay is willing to offer the world the necessary elements to be free. In that sense, he pointed out that you are not free if you do not have food or peaceful relations or the ability to generate state-of-the-art technology or the possibility of moving.

"Uruguayan entrepreneurs who are here can testify that we have something to offer the world stability," he said, adding that, in the next exhibition, whoever is the president, will be able to continue talking about freedom.

He also maintained that, in meetings with the authorities of the United Arab Emirates, businessmen or international funds, it was made clear that, in a turbulent world, our country ensures contracts, laws, institutions and, above all, peace. .

In this sense, he underlined human, animal and environmental health as strategic axes and recalled that the great nations began to understand that the last component is closely linked to the economic one. "Uruguay has led the way in environmental issues and has a very great commitment," she emphasized.

At the end of the oratory, he pointed out that Uruguay makes available its best men, women, historical traditions, but, in particular, he stated: "We are builders of the present and dreamers of the future and that every day of the government we try to build."


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