VISIT FLORIDA announces that Colombia is its number 1 international market

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VISIT FLORIDA announces that Colombia is its number 1 international market
Source: Travel2latam
February 24, 2022

Colombian travel increased by almost 30 percent over 2019 for a total of 709,000 visitors in 2021

VISIT FLORIDA, the International Destination Guest of Honor of ANATO Tourism Showcase 2022, announced that Colombia has become the main international market for the Sunshine State in terms of visits in 2021. During the 41st edition of the ANATO Tourism Showcase, VISIT FLORIDA also shared that Colombian travel to Florida increased nearly 30 percent from 2019 for a total of 709,000 visitors in 2021.

"We are proud of the positive growth we have seen in Colombian visitation to Florida this year," said VISIT FLORIDA President and CEO Dana Young. "We look forward to continuing our investment in this important market and continuing to welcome Colombian visitors to our diverse state."

At the fair, VISIT FLORIDA also shared that in 2020, Colombians stayed in Florida longer than the average foreign visitor with an average of 14 nights - an increase of 11.5 nights from 2019. In addition, the ability to flight from Colombia to Florida has seen growth from pre-pandemic levels. For March - May 2022 scheduled air capacity from Colombia to Florida is 35 percent higher than the same period in 2019, and Colombian flights to Florida will make up 68 percent of all U.S. flights.

Over the last two years, VISIT FLORIDA has created momentum in Colombia by developing trade, marketing and public relations initiatives in the marketplace. Last November, executives from VISIT FLORIDA and from six Florida destinations made an unprecedented visit to Bogotá to meet with key players in the Colombian tourism industry to foster relationships and facilitate conversations about continued rebound efforts, increased air route capacity, strategic partnership opportunities, and further development of Florida's product offerings. During this trip, VISIT FLORIDA announced that Florida's market share of Colombian visitors increased from 65 percent in 2019 to 73 percent in 2020, more than 60 percent more than its closest competitor.

Throughout 2022, VISIT FLORIDA will continue this momentum and focus on product development, agency training, and tour operator FAMs to educate Colombian Trade about what Florida has to offer. In addition, VISIT FLORIDA has been developing plans and packages, such as "Fly and Drive" itineraries, which aim to expand destination, accommodation and activity options beyond familiar Florida destinations. The destination will also focus on editorial coverage through media outlets and content creators.

Following a successful direct-to-consumer campaign in collaboration with Walt Disney World that VISIT FLORIDA launched last spring and this fall, Florida will run another digital and social campaign with Disney this April-May.

Members of the Florida delegation present at the ANATO Tourist Showcase:

  • Lauren Pace, Director of Global Trade and Marketing for VISIT FLORIDA.
  • Meagan Lowe, Director of Public Relations for VISIT FLORIDA.
  • Brianna Green, Public Relations Account Executive for VISIT FLORIDA.
  • Elaine Blazys, Vice President of Tourism Sales for Visit Orlando.
  • Patrick Yvars, Visit Orlando Tourism Industry Sales Director for Latin America.
  • Mayerly Rojas, Experience Kissimmee Tourism Manager.
  • Erick Garnica, Senior Director of Leisure Sales for Discover the Palm Beaches.
  • Johana Pardo, Account Director of Discover the Palm Beaches.
  • Joe Docal, Greater Miami & Miami Beach Tourism Sector Sales Director.
  • Stefanie Zinke, Director of Global Sales for Visit Tampa Bay.
  • Andrea Gabel, Director of Sales for Latin America at Visit St. Pete Clearwater.
  • Claudia Cianfero, Sales Director for Naples, Marco Island and Everglades CVB. 
  • Javier Moreno – Senior Vice President of Sales for Disney Destinations
  • Jeff van Langeveld – Vice President of International Sales for Disney Destinations
  • Alejandro Flores Garcia – Senior Sales Manager of Disney Destinations for Colombia and Mexico.

Members of the VISIT FLORIDA agency delegation:

  • Santiago González Abreu, Vice President of Development and Marketing of PHG Consulting.
  • Omar Macedo, Director of Development for Latin America at PHG Consulting.
  • Alejandra Bayona, Director of Public Relations for Latin America at PHG Consulting.
  • Amy Rodríguez, General Director of TRG Marketing.

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