Civitatis focuses on Colombia

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Civitatis focuses on Colombia
Alberto Gutiérrez Pascual, Civitatis
Source: Travel2latam
March 03, 2022

The leading company in the online distribution of activities, excursions and guided tours regains ground in a key market

Until the pandemic broke out, Civiatis was a company that had been growing strongly in Latin America, offering a very important variety of activities, excursions and guided tours in Spanish in the main tourist destinations in the world. After two years of pandemic crisis, the firm continues to recover ground and grow in very important markets, such is the case of Colombia. The company participated in the ANATO Tourist Showcase where we were able to exclusively interview its CEO Alberto Gutiérrez Pascual, we share his responses below:

What has it meant for you to participate in the ANATO Tourist Showcase?
It is the third year that we have participated, our commitment is to continue growing in Latin America, we have incorporated a lot of products in destinations and now we want to boost sales. We seek to exceed the level we had before the pandemic. In Spain it has already been achieved, we are much better than in 2019 and 2020 and we believe that it is a matter of time before that goal can be achieved here in Latin America.  

How do you describe the current situation of the main markets in our region?
Colombia is the country that is working best for us, before it was Argentina, but currently it is having some problems. We even have the idea of ​​opening local offices. Of course we are making progress in Mexico and Peru as well.

What other initiatives will you implement in the coming months?
We have to get new suppliers, we must achieve a greater presence in the press and begin to be relevant to our objective of dominating Latin America.

You are a great thermometer of the industry, can you give an opinion on the current market?
For this year I am very optimistic. In fact, I recently read a study on Colombia that highlighted that today there are more flights planned than in 2019, especially to Medellín, which is going to gain a lot of market and I think it will be a year of records. Those of us who have survived are going to be much better off than before.

How is the year going for you and what promotional initiatives can you put into practice? 
We will continue to participate in events. We start the year at Fitur, then we have passed through the ANATO Tourist Showcase and by the end of March we are going to Peru, then we will be at WTM in Sao Paulo. We are going to go to all the fairs that we can and we will continue investing.
Our objective is to continue growing better by plowing the products so that Civitatis is the best option for the customer at the best price and with greater availability. 


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