Successful opening of SAHIC 2022 in Panama

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Successful opening of SAHIC 2022 in Panama
Arturo García Rosa, SAHIC
Source: SAHIC
March 15, 2022

The business conference specializing in real estate investments for hotels and tourism is held over two days

The first day of the forum was full of opportunities for learning and debate as well as moments of interaction and reunion. The morning began with an express networking session that definitely marked the pulse of what was to come. The return of face-to-face and a dynamic of relationship and encounter that, clearly, the participants were anxiously awaiting and of which they were eager.

After officially launching the agenda at the hands of the President and founder - Arturo Garcia Rosa - and the Minister of Tourism of Panama and host of this edition, Ivan Eskildsen, the plenary sessions were filled with information as relevant as it is hopeful, hand in hand of experts and scholars of the industry and who shared very interesting information about where we are and what we can see in the future. The presentations of the Director of Macroeconomic Studies of the Latin American Development Bank, Adriana Arreaza; the presentation of the overview of the hospitality industry by the Director for Latin America of STR, Lic. Patricia Boo and the trends in the tourism and aeronautical industries by the French expert, Olivier Ponti, VP of the specialized consultancy Forwardkeys.

The work sessions, called TRT's in this forum, continued on yesterday's agenda: 2 meetings with a great call for the participants in which - together with the cochairs - topics of Resilience and Innovation were debated, both generating an enriching (and necessary) debate.

In the afternoon they added to some other information presentations, the panels, in which more than 25 speakers and moderators participated to touch, in a dynamic and nutritious way, on topics such as the Financial Agenda, the Vision of the leaders, the Impact of change climate, Sustainability, how to maintain growth in the region, the role of the tourism sector in economies and even an intimate and enriching talk with the Panamanian businessman (and homeowner of the venue where the meeting is held in Playa Bonita ), Herman Bern, who - together with his wife - offered all the participants a reception full of Panamanian music, colors and flavors in his wonderful private villa located just a few meters from the hotel where the meeting takes place.A beautiful closing for a day where nothing seemed to be lacking and that left a pleasant taste of a fruitful meeting.

Some of the standout quotes that were spoken about on the SAHIC stage include:

"The economic impact of the pandemic forces us to look for a more efficient performance per square meter" Jorge Apaez, COO Mexico -Latin America & The Caribbean IHG group.

“We must anticipate the needs of guests, regardless of the type of traveler, this is our responsibility.” Mauricio Elizondo, Director of Development of Grupo Posadas.

“Sustainability and inclusion must be at the heart of a more resilient and competitive travel and tourism sector, future investment opportunities will focus on those foundations”, Niels Olsen - Minister of Tourism of Ecuador

“One thing we have learned from this experience is to adapt. We have made personal decisions not to bring the virus into our environment, therefore we have been taking care of our region. We are interconnected. The big chains have to unite to create this movement of change”, Emilio Perez, Vice President Global Design CALA region of the Marriott chain

 “We thought that we were going to have a lost decade in Latin America and it is very surprising how quickly we were able to recover from 2020. We have reached normality or a certain level of normality in the region in macroeconomic terms.” Rogerio Basso, Head of the Tourism Area at IDB Invest.

 On its second day, the organizers foresee an agenda with attractive and super interesting presentations by executives from Google, Expedia, Amadeus, the CEO of the Global blockchain council and an iTalk from the travel specialist, Peter Greenberg, and panels in which will discuss the evolution of the concept of luxury, the owners' perspective and - the new topic on the agenda - the all-inclusive model. For their part, the TRTs on day 2 will deal with the financial agenda and sustainability.


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