Grupo Posadas bets heavily on Mexican tourism with ambitious opening plan

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Grupo Posadas bets heavily on Mexican tourism with ambitious opening plan
Mauricio Elizondo, Grupo Posadas
Source: Trave2latam
March 18, 2022

The firm has an aggressive development plan offering a wide variety of options that meet all types of demand

Posadas has a solid growth story since the opening of its first hotel in 1970. Having successfully overcome the pandemic, the firm consolidates its growth in Mexico with more properties in strategic locations. To find out the details, during SAHIC we interviewed its Corporate Director of Development Mauricio Elizondo. We share his responses below: 

What is your expectation when participating in SAHIC?
“We like to be very active in this kind of events where we update ourselves, we see the numbers of the region, travel trends, air frequencies, openings, etc. That helps us a lot to always be well informed. And it is a great opportunity to participate in person, being able to come into contact with many key players. It's always good to see developers, colleagues and even competitors to get the pulse of the market.

What is your vision on the investment that is going to be in the hotel sector?
We are already with 100% of the properties open, we currently have 186 hotels and this year we must open more or less 10 or 12 new hotels. This year has been a year where, since January, the pre-pandemic rhythm and the development of new properties have resumed.
Our model is to be operators, we are not the owners of the real estate, but these openings that we are going to have in 2022, like some of those last year, come from conversions of existing assets that are looking to join another platform. efficient, more professional and robust.

What do they offer you to try to attract investors?
We are the strongest and most solid company in Mexico, we are present in practically all segments, we have a brand that is always appropriate for each type of client. A broad portfolio of brands helps us to analyze very well the project of each of the owners. On the other hand, it highlights the relationships we have with room producers worldwide, wholesalers, online agencies, our community of travel agents, the commercial network we have in Mexico, since it is usually the strongest.

How many hotels do you plan to open in the coming months?
Our development plan is quite robust, right now we have around 30 project opportunities already signed, they should be opening their doors in the coming months.

There are hotel chains that are somehow identified for a certain audience, in your case that is not the case, do you think that is part of the secret?
It certainly helps because we really capture guests from all segments. We have a very broad portfolio of products and many options within the same city, for example, in Mexico City we have at least 25 different options and there the customer can choose different types of rates and in different locations. That also helps us offer a very robust loyalty program that is growing daily.
Another important aspect is that we have the largest talent pool in Mexico, since we obviously train our more than 16,000 employees.



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