Interactive murals from Costa Rica captivate in New York

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Interactive murals from Costa Rica captivate in New York
Source: ICT
March 23, 2022

This creative advertising activation is part of the second phase of the Only The Essentials campaign, developed by the Costa Rican Institute of Tourism

Hundreds of pedestrians and drivers from Brooklyn and Manhattan in New York have stopped their fast daily pace to observe the creation and the final result of the hyper-realistic murals that invite potential American tourists to visit Costa Rica on their next vacation.

Precisely these murals seen from a distance look like monumental impressions generated from a photograph, but those who approach walking or have to stop while driving, will discover that they are paintings, a series of large-scale murals developed by specialized artists.

In one of the images we can see an amazed tourist observing the majesty of the Arenal volcano on a suspension bridge, in the middle of the tropical forest and includes the phrase Feet on the ground, head in the clouds (with feet on the ground and head in the clouds). In another of the creations, a relaxed tourist is shown enjoying the hot springs and with the message Meant to be experienced, not explained, alluding to the fact that there are unique experiences that must be lived in order to be explained.

Two murals are currently active in New York, initially in Brooklyn and later, an additional one will be placed in the heart of Manhattan, in high foot traffic locations. As projected by the ICT, the initiative will continue with the additional presence of two interactive murals in the city of Los Angeles in the coming days.

This creative advertising activation is part of the second phase of the Only The Essentials campaign, developed by the Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT) to attract potential travelers with a high interest in visiting our country, coming from the United States, the main source market for tourists to our country.

“We always set ourselves the challenge of generating creative proposals that draw the attention of potential tourists so that they visit our country and reconnect with what is truly essential, enjoying nature, adventure and outdoor activities to the fullest. With the activation of the murals in New York and soon in Los Angeles, we set ourselves the goal of interacting at strategic high-traffic points in two of the cities that concentrate a large number of potential tourists with a high interest in visiting Costa Rica”, he highlighted. Carolina Trejos, director of ICT marketing.

The activation of the murals will continue for a few weeks and in parallel a contest is held on social networks so that everyone who finds the murals can take a photo or a selfie with the background image and participate in a trip to Costa Rica. as well as surprise prizes. All they have to do is share the photo using the hashtag #CostaRicaMuralQuest and share it on VisitCostaRica's profiles on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Audiovisual full of rhythm and good vibes

As a complement to these efforts of the second stage of the Only The Essentials campaign, an audiovisual rhythm was also produced, full of good vibrations, music and images full of movement that show attractions of Costa Rica such as beaches, waterfalls, volcanoes, multiple activities of outdoor adventure, cultural events, gastronomy and wellness experiences.

They stand out within the messages of the one-minute commercial, -created for digital media and social networks-, an invitation to reconnect with nature, what is really important in life, as well as interaction with families and loved ones, living experiences unique, looking for more moments of peace, well-being and movement, always taking care of ourselves together, but little by little returning to normal responsibly.

Added to the above is the recent opening of the @visitcostarica account on the TikTok social platform, in which 15-second videos are shown that complement the promotional messages and invite potential tourists to find balance, the essence of the nature, adventure alternatives, as well as advice and some tips to fully enjoy our country as a biosecure destination.

The United States is consolidated as the main source market for tourists to Costa Rica. During the months of January and February 2022, the entry of 201,527 American tourists by air was registered.


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