Cancun, Los Cabos and Puerto Vallarta, favorite destinations for Americans in Spring break

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Cancun, Los Cabos and Puerto Vallarta, favorite destinations for Americans in Spring break
Source: Allianz Travel
March 24, 2022

The data has been revealed in a study published by Allianz Travel

The Mexican beaches of Cancun, Los Cabos and Puerto Vallarta were positioned as the three favorite international destinations for American tourists for spring break in this 2022 - spring break -, according to a study carried out by Allianz Travel, world leader in services travel assistance.

Allianz Travel's annual report, Top 10 Spring Break Destinations, was made through the analysis of more than 4.1 million flight itineraries planned between February 18 and April 18, with a duration of five to eight days , from American travelers. Overall, the study indicated a 134% increase in the number of travel bookings for this peak season, inside and outside the US, compared to 2021.

Although 81% of North American tourists opted for trips within the US this year, within the remaining 19%, Mexico stands out as the only country with three sites listed in the top 10. It is followed by destinations such as the Dominican Republic, Aruba, Jamaica , The Bahamas, The Turks and Caicos Islands, Costa Rica and England. In this way, Mexico is positioned, for the second consecutive year, as the leader in terms of US tourism preferences.

Such international travel is characterized by stays lasting up to eight days and rising demand as airlines reinstate international routes and travelers seek unique experiences after up to two years of virtual vacations.

“Within this scenario of tourist recovery, we call for tourists to travel with protection schemes that provide them with support and accompaniment during all their vacations in the face of any unforeseen event. Today, for example, our most used travel assistance services range from lost luggage, through flight cancellations and even medical needs due to accidents, illnesses or pandemics”, highlighted Joana del Toro, Manager of Allianz Travel.


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