Meliá advances in its environmental commitment

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Meliá advances in its environmental commitment
Gabriel Escarrer
Source: Meliá
March 28, 2022

Through this strategic alliance, the hotel chain reinforces its position as a facilitator of the transition to electric vehicles

Meliá Hotels International announces its agreement with Wenea, the comprehensive services company for electric vehicles, to "electrify" its hotels in Spain, installing more than 100 charging points in the chain's hotels.

In a first phase of the collaboration, more than 100 charging points will be installed in 50 hotels of the chain in different locations in the territory such as: Madrid, Barcelona, ​​the Balearic Islands or Seville. Thus, these new facilities, which are already in the implementation phase, will have universal chargers (accessible for all electric vehicle models) with powers from 7.4 kW, 22 kW and 50 kW onwards, which will allow electric vehicles to They charge up to an hour.

With this strategy, both companies seek to promote more sustainable mobility and tourism in electric vehicles. as an alternative to fossil fuel vehicles, thus reducing greenhouse gas emissions from transport. In addition, the aim is also to make society aware of the importance of air quality in cities, since electric vehicles reduce air pollution, a huge problem for human health, especially in large cities.

Additionally, it is important to note that the electricity supply in the hotels of the Meliá group in Spain is through electricity with certification of renewable origin, therefore the electric vehicles will be charged with renewable energy.

The chargers will be available to any electric vehicle driver, who will only have to download the Wenea application on their mobile phone to receive all the information about the charging points. Through the application they can also check the status of each connector in real time, check the status of their recharge or review their history of invoices and recharges.

In addition, as is the case with the rest of the stations in the Wenea network, these new locations will be available on its digital platform, through which customers can plan their routes and locate new stations to make their stops during their trips.

As Alberto Cantero, CEO of Wenea, highlights: “Agreements such as the one signed with Meliá Hotels International play a fundamental role in the decarbonisation of transport. At Wenea we seek to facilitate the transition to the electric vehicle by providing mobility solutions focused on our customers. For this, it is essential to have a partner like Meliá, which seeks excellence in all its projects and allows us to be where and when our customers need it most.”

For the Executive Vice President and CEO of Meliá, Gabriel Escarrer, "this agreement is part of the environmental commitment of our Group, which has been recognized in 2021 as the most sustainable hotel company in Spain and Europe, and the second in the world by the prestigious evaluation carried out by Standard&Poors Global on Corporate Sustainability. In addition, in the face of the global climate emergency, the Company has intensified its commitments to reduce emissions to adapt to the Cop 24 Agreements in Katowice (Poland) that reinforced the goals set in the Paris Climate Agreement, and promote the sustainable mobility will help achieve these goals”.

Starting from an initial park of 50 incorporated establishments, the alliance was born with the aim of encompassing all the hotels of the Meliá group in the Spanish territory, and it can be expanded over time according to the needs of the hotels in the different areas.


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