NH Hotel Group committed to the environment joined "Earth Hour"

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NH Hotel Group committed to the environment joined "Earth Hour"
Source: NH Hotel Group
March 30, 2022

The 56 hotels in the region joined this event that aims to raise awareness about caring for the ecosystem by turning off lights for one hour

As part of the commitments for this 2022 of NH Hotel Group, in terms of social responsibility, is caring for the environment, for this reason, it has undertaken various actions that seek to raise awareness about the protection of the world in which we live. Thus, on March 26, the hotels in the region joined "Earth Hour".

This initiative began in 2007 as a symbolic gesture seeking to draw people's attention to the threat of climate change and the urgent need to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. It is one of the most emblematic climate actions to protect planet Earth, which consists of turning off the lights of buildings and monuments for one hour.

Currently it has become an action that unites citizens from all over the world, companies, institutions and all kinds of organizations in the fight against climate change and the search for solutions to recover biodiversity.

For NH Hotel Group it is very important to act as a consolidated multinational operator that promotes and applies measures that help care for and mitigate the impact on the environment, which is why it has joined this great initiative, where the 56 hotels in the region turned off the lights of its buildings, on March 26.

To carry it out, the use of candlelight was replaced for one hour in the main areas of the hotels, as well as rooms, without this affecting their operations and always taking into consideration the safety of the guests.

At NH Hotel Group, we operate our hotel activity with the ambition of leading responsible behaviour, creating shared value at an economic, social and environmental level.

Through this symbolic gesture, NH Hotel Group reaffirms the fundamental role that sustainability plays within the group in each of its initiatives.


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