Silvio Nascimento is appointed new president of Embratur

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Silvio Nascimento is appointed new president of Embratur
Silvio Nascimento, Embratur
Source: Embratur
April 01, 2022

The former president of the institution and new Minister of Tourism of Brazil Carlos Brito handed over the position in an act in Brasilia

In a transfer ceremony on Thursday afternoon (3/31), Silvio Nascimento took over as president of Embratur – Brazilian Agency for International Tourism Promotion. During the event, held at the Agency's facilities in Brasilia, the then president of the institution and recently appointed Minister of Tourism, Carlos Brito, handed over the position to the new president, who was already Director of Marketing, Intelligence and Communication at Embratur .

“I wish our now Minister of Tourism, Carlos Brito, much success in his new mission. I am sure that he will do the same exemplary and transformative work for the MTUR that he did for Embratur, and I am also sure that he will follow the example of Minister Gilson, who is leaving the Ministry, as a true partner of the President of the Republic, Jair Bolsonaro, for the sector and the country”, said Silvio Nascimento.

The new president of the Agency also highlighted that, together with Carlos Brito and, before, in the management of Gilson Machado Neto -who preceded Brito as president of Embratur-, he acted as director during the idealization and execution of promotional campaigns throughout the world. , in addition to countless other essential actions, such as participation in fairs and events.

“We bring the name of Brazil, the beauties of our country, the unique qualities of our people and our culture, to the knowledge of a large number of foreigners. In the most recent campaigns alone, we had more than 1.4 billion hits in Argentina, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay, countries that together represent more than 50% of the international tourists that Brazil usually receives. In the United States, the second largest issuer in Brazil, the numbers of our “Visa Free” campaign have yet to exceed 1.5 billion hits,” he said. "We will continue the path we have followed so far," Nascimento added.

Taking the floor, the Minister of Tourism, Carlos Brito, thanked the Embratur employees for the work carried out and stressed that he is highly motivated to continue developing Brazilian tourism at the head of the Ministry of Tourism. “I am very happy to be able to transfer the presidency of Embratur to a friend who accompanied and collaborated decisively so that we can now be optimistic about the present and future of the sector. I wish Silvio Nascimento an incredible management, and I am sure that he will continue the line of work left by our president Gilson Machado in Embratur, which I also had the opportunity to maintain, as I will now do again in the Ministry”, said Brito.

Gilson Machado Neto congratulated Carlos Brito and Silvio Nascimento for assuming the positions of Minister of Tourism and President of Embratur, respectively, and left a message: "Our job is to deal with tourism, with people's happiness, and there is no country do so much like Brazil. I leave with confidence in the team that we form at Embratur and at the Ministry”, he said.


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