Bahia Principe Hotels & Resorts celebrates Earth Day and sustainable efforts

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Bahia Principe Hotels & Resorts celebrates Earth Day and sustainable efforts
Source: Grupo Piñero
April 07, 2022

The leading all-inclusive hotel brand with properties in Mexico, the Caribbean, and Spain, will join countries around the world in celebration on Friday, April 22nd

­Bahia Principe Hotels & Resorts, the leading all-inclusive hotel brand with properties in Mexico, the Caribbean, and Spain, will join countries around the world in celebrating Earth Day. Founded on 1970, the annual event encourages communities around the world to raise public consciousness about environmental concerns that may serve as a wake-up call for action, aiming to address some of the most urgent threats facing our environment, increase awareness, and spark conversations on protecting nature. The hotelier will be participating to further show its commitment to the planet and reinforce its ongoing goal of becoming a benchmark for sustainable development in the hospitality industry.

“For Bahia Principe and Grupo Piñero, sustainability represents more than just a concept” said Isabel Piñero, Chief Sustainability Officer at Grupo Piñero. “We understand sustainability as one of our main pillars. This is because, throughout the years, the hospitality industry has faced several challenges that have led its members to double their efforts in search of a balanced synergy between economic wealth and environmental sustainability. Therefore, our goal is to continue promoting sustainability through viable actions, and that´s why we celebrate Earth Hour as proof of our commitment to future generations”.

Key actions and figures
As sustainability and resilience become the dominant approaches in hospitality, Bahia Principe Hotels & Resorts has worked to incorporate environmental, social, and good governance (ESG) practices within all its decisions and projects. In 2014 former CEO Pablo Piñero, launched the company´s first official CSR Management Program, which would later become an essential element of the sustainability strategic pillar for Grupo Piñero for years to come.

Following these new guidelines, the company has successfully implemented different actions to assure stability between business and care for the environment. Bahia Principe has planted over 3,000 trees for the International Day Against Climate Change, and in 2021 the Eco-Bahia Foundation released over 110,000 sea turtle hatchlings. The brand also recovered more waste, added over 101 electric vehicles to its fleet since 2018, and tripled its environmental investment since 2019. Other important ecological figures include the rescue and assistance of more than 1,000 wild animals, including reptiles, bees, wasps, and mammals. More than 12,000 native and endemic plants have been planted around the properties, thus, assuring their care and survival. Another important fact to consider is that most properties are surrounded by unique ecosystems like cenotes, wetlands, and jungles, which have been safeguarded and preserved. Proof of this is that Bahia Principe has become a key player in the defense and conservation of habitats by protecting a total of 57 acres of land and by removing 120 kilos of plastic off their beaches. Lastly, the hotelier has worked with the community to involve the people with several projects that will guarantee the protection of the environment for future generations. More than 2,300 persons have actively participated in lectures and responsible ecological activities.

Currently, Grupo Piñero has been promoting ecological awareness with impactful campaigns throughout its 27 properties. “We Are Ecocentric” is a campaign that invites guests and stakeholders to actively pursue being eco-friendly. The campaign promotes the company’s past efforts to conserve nature and shares tips and initiatives to allow others to become more aware of, and better protect, their surroundings. 

Furthermore, to continue supporting sustainable tourism in the Caribbean, BID Invest and Banco Popular Dominicano recently signed a strategic alliance with Grupo Piñero for USD$200 million in funds to boost inclusive and sustainable economic growth in tourism in the Dominican Republic and Jamaica.

Future projects
As for future projects, Bahia Principe Hotels & Resorts will use its values of exemplarity, collaboration, and continuous improvement to assume its commitment to responsible management. It is estimated that for the final quarter of 2022, the company will launch the Cayo Levantado Resort Project, which will showcase the completely rebranded and extensively renovated property located on the private island of Samaná Bay. The project’s A Rhythm All Its Own concept will establish the property as a leading self-sufficient resort, focusing on renewable energy and a robust waste management strategy, in addition to opting for native gardening and landscaping. 

Awards and recognitions
Lastly, it’s important to highlight international and local recognitions Grupo Piñero has received over the years. In total, 75 awards were given in 2021, including Booking’s Traveler Review Award for Bahia Principe Luxury Cayo Levantado Resort. The resort also received TripAdvisor’s Travelers’ Choice for Best of the Best award among others.
Additionally, thanks to the efforts and strategic actions promoted by Bahia Principe, the hotelier has received several certificates such as Travelife, H&S, Safetravel, and EarthCheck.


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