Successful participation of Colombia in WTM Latin America

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Successful participation of Colombia in WTM Latin America
Nicolas Casafranco, ProColombiaco
Source: Trave2latam
April 11, 2022

Amid a strong recovery in the tourism sector, ProColombia continues to promote destinations internationally 

Colombia came to WTM Latin America to continue its international promotion and strengthen the Brazilian issuing market. To find out the details, we exclusively interviewed Nicolas Casafranco, Director of ProColombia. We share his responses below:

What was the expectation that ProColombia had in an event like WTM Latin America?
It is important to be present again in the Brazilian market, it is one of the main markets in the region and having come with a great stand and a group of Colombian companies once again reinforces our promotion plan at the international level. ProColombia, as an agency of the Colombian Government that promotes investments, exports and tourism, has this approach. The objective is that Brazilians can tour our country through integrated and unified concepts. We no longer invite you only to a city or a department but to a region. That they can live unique Colombian experiences.

How many companies have participated in the stand?
We have been accompanied by 14 companies including hotels, agencies and operators that represent that heterogeneity that Colombia has in the offer of its packages.

What innovations did Colombia present beyond the promotion of macro regions?
It is important to note that our connectivity with Brazil is growing with new Avianca and Viva Air flights. That will help us a lot to promote destinations. We will invite Brazilians to get to know many different regions of our country.
Additionally, we have been spreading a message worldwide that is coherent and consistent with the country's policy through the tourism law, a law that promotes sustainability. Today the Colombian tourism chain is very integrated in terms of caring for the environment.

In the Tourist Showcase of Anato they signed an agreement with Embratur, could you update information on that?
For ProColombia the Brazilian market is very important, we intend to work together with our Brazilian peer and undertake different actions that allow us to carry out promotions in two ways. We are looking to generate brotherhoods between cities, we have very similar destinations. Another goal is for more Brazilians to invest in Colombia and more Colombians to invest in Brazil. This will allow more products and services to be exchanged between the two countries.

The numbers show that Colombia has recovered its tourism in a very successful way, what do you think has been the secret?
What has happened is that we have had a great leadership from the president who marked the way and supported the sector that, still beaten, began to create new programs and promote domestic tourism. In turn, Colombia never ceased to have a presence in the most important issuing markets, that is now bearing fruit.


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