Guanacaste Airport recovers pre-pandemic air traffic during March

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Guanacaste Airport recovers pre-pandemic air traffic during March
April 18, 2022

Between January and March 2022, 1,500 international commercial flights circulated, confirming a sustained increase in the movement of airlines

During March 2022, 164,034 passengers passed through Guanacaste Airport, while in the same period of 2019 there were 166,240, practically equaling air traffic, with 99%. The upward trend is evident in the first quarter of the year.

January and February saw 87% and 90% recovery, respectively, relative to traffic levels the year before the pandemic. In March it increased by 9%, one percentage point from equaling 2019.

The statistics correspond to 530 international flights, which translate into 164,034 passengers. With these data, the load factor of the flights is equalized, achieving the same as in March 2019, corresponding to 86%.

With respect to the first quarter of the year, the total traffic reaches 92% compared to the same period of 2019. On Tuesday, March 1, approximately 3,000 passengers traveled, while on Saturday, March 19, more than 9,000 were counted, a figure that was repeated on Tuesday the 26th.

The traffic development work led by VINCI Airports, together with the change in health restrictions, will further support the recovery of tourism. The increase in air traffic has a positive impact on local economies and industries that are nourished by tourism, such as commerce, restaurants and transportation.

César Jaramillo, General Manager of Guanacaste Airport, commented, “Last year we were still adapting to the changes of the pandemic and this year we are very positive with the sustained recovery in traffic. As members of the VINCI Airports network, we are proud to promote positive mobility in the region. We appreciate the commitment and work of the public and private actors involved to achieve these figures”.


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