Viva implements technology to reduce fuel consumption

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Viva implements technology to reduce fuel consumption
Félix Antelo, Grupo Viva
Source: Grupo Viva
April 22, 2022

The airline commemorates Earth Day with real actions and investments to mitigate the environmental impact of operations

In line with its purpose of generating more efficient and sustainable processes, Viva, the leading 'Super Low Cost' company, becomes the first airline in Latin America to acquire the 'Flight Pulse' and 'Fuel Insight' platforms from General Electrics , which will allow you to optimize the use of fuel and thereby reduce CO2 emissions in your operations.

With the implementation of these platforms, the airline will be able to reduce CO2 emissions by up to 42% in its takeoffs and landings, an amount that is equivalent to the carbon dioxide absorbed by approximately 40,000 mature trees per year.

“At Viva we are champions of sustainability and good environmental practices for the airline industry. In that sense, technology is our great ally on this path. For this reason, with the support of General Electric, we are betting on the use of innovative solutions by implementing the 'Flight Pulse' and 'Fuel Insight' software, with which we will be able to standardize our fuel use policies and clearly define each efficiency opportunity , without affecting our operational safety at any time and offering better prices and better experiences to our travelers”, assured Félix Antelo, CEO & President of Grupo Viva.

Through both digital tools, Viva will be able to generate accurate information on the use of fuel in operations, a trend that is growing more and more in the aeronautical industry, as well as energy and operational efficiency; Viva currently has the most modern fleet in Colombia, the second in South America and the fourth in the world. The sum of all these aspects will allow it to make decisions in line with environmental and economic sustainability to become the airline with the lowest unit cost per passenger of the world.


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