ABAV travel agencies earn BRL 19.2 billion in 2021

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ABAV travel agencies earn BRL 19.2 billion in 2021
Source: GRU Airport
April 25, 2022

Boosted by domestic tourism sales, growth was 37.6% compared to the previous year

With a recovery of 37.6% over 2020 results, agencies affiliated to the Brazilian Association of Travel Agencies (ABAV) closed 2021 with revenues of R$ 19.261 billion. A survey applied in April with 2,176 member agencies pointed out as a common feature in the distribution of demand throughout 2021, and in the first quarter of 2022, that domestic travel continues to lead the resumption of tourism.

For 39.1% of the respondents, domestic trips represented 60% of sales, compared to 40% of international ones, and for 29.2% of the same universe, domestic travel was 100% dominant. The average, which was already more disproportionate in the critical period of the pandemic, demonstrates that the gradual reopening of borders and the flexibility of health protocols have already stimulated the recovery of the international, and there are optimistic projections for the July season, especially for the destinations of snow in South America, and theme parks in the United States, which gain the attention of families at this time of year with more time for longer trips.

Among the most sought after international destinations last year, Portugal, France, Italy, Spain and Greece, in Europe, the United States, Argentina, Chile and the Caribbean were the most mentioned in the survey, a result that remained very similar to the demand of the first three months of the year, plus Mexico.

In domestic tourism, there were no surprises and the Northeast was the sales leader in 2021, with Fortaleza, Maceió, Natal, Recife, Porto de Galinhas and Fernando de Noronha as the main destinations. Gramado, in Rio Grande do Sul, in addition to Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Bahia were also highlighted in the research. In the specific clipping of the first three months of 2022, the most cited were São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Bahia, Gramado, Fortaleza, Maceió, Porto de Galinhas and Salvador.

The survey also revealed that the three main factors that motivated rescheduling, cancellations or changes to the original destination of the trip were the variants of the coronavirus (81.6%), the postponement of the cruise season (33.1%) and the war between Russia and Ukraine (29.3%). 

In the individual analysis of the businesses, more than 40% of the businessmen interviewed indicated revenue greater than 50% in these first months of 2022. “The advance of vaccination and the relaxation of restrictions caused by the drop in the number of hospitalizations justify our optimism for the coming months. We had long holidays in a row, with good levels of movement, and demand for the July holidays should heat up from the second half of May onwards”, says the president of ABAV Nacional, Magda Nassar. “We have elections and a World Cup closing the last quarter of the year, but within a favorable scenario, without scares or large exchange rate fluctuations, it is already possible to project revenue closer to pre-pandemic levels at the end of 2022”, he concludes.


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