Formula 1 debuts in Miami with a huge impact on tourism

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Formula 1 debuts in Miami with a huge impact on tourism
Source: F1
May 02, 2022

Miami will become the 11th place in the United States to host a top-flight motorsports race

Miami hosts a Formula 1 Grand Prix for the first time. It will not be another weekend for the city. The highest category of automobilism has caused a revolution with tickets, hotel rooms and tickets that reach exorbitant prices. 

This is the eleventh different venue within the United States to host an F1 race since the start of the championship in 1950 and the second in the current World Cup calendar, along with the race in Austin (Texas), which takes place in the month October.

The Miami International Autodrome is finalizing details, it is worth remembering that the race will be held from May 6 to 8 at the Hard Rock Stadium with a specially built track.

As a brand new venue that was recently completed, the teams have limited data to feed their simulators, so while the drivers may get an idea of ​​the layout before race weekend, all the little nuances and features that make a clue and a bigger piece of evidence will have to be discovered during practice on Friday.


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