Sustainability gains ground in the mentality of tourists

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Sustainability gains ground in the mentality of tourists
Source: Structura
May 04, 2022

According to a new report, 6 out of 10 families in the world said they will pay more attention to the environmental impact of their trips in the future

Sustainable tourism has positioned itself as an alternative of growing and accelerated interest on the part of travelers at a global level, according to various studies carried out by Allianz Travel, a world leader in travel assistance services. In this regard, six out of ten interviewed families stated that they will pay more attention to the environmental impact that their trips will generate in the future.

Currently, an eco-conscious tourist is visualized who, interested in not compromising the resources of future generations, is much more cautious and selective when choosing what type of transport, hotel or activities he will carry out to reduce his environmental footprint. Therefore, more sustainable options related to, for example, train travel or caravanning may be strengthened.

These new trends in the tourism sector were exposed at the Allianz Partners Global Travel Summit 2022. It was a virtual event, held in April with more than a thousand expert attendees in the industry, focused on unraveling emerging tourism trends as the The world recovers from the pandemic and, in turn, faces a new set of economic challenges.

The analyzes presented were carried out using the Customer Lab, an Allianz Partners intelligence incubator that allows the profile of its customer base to be studied. Through this platform, more than 23 thousand digital surveys were carried out in 2021 to consumers in Mexico, Thailand, Japan, Singapore, Switzerland, Austria, Turkey, Slovakia, Romania, Portugal and Greece about their travel preferences within the framework of the pandemic, among other issues. To this were added the results obtained by the alliance with Foresight Factory, an international research company focused on studying market trends, which carried out more than 4,000 online surveys in March 2021.

Effects of macroeconomic conditions
Within a scenario characterized by challenging macroeconomic conditions given geopolitical uncertainty, exchange rate volatility, energy costs and inflation; the confidence of travelers and their plans are affected. A domino effect is generated that increases the expenses of tourists due to the increase in flight fares, given the costs of energy, and in restaurants and hotels due to international disturbances that impact numerous supply chains.

Given this scenario, there is the possibility of a much slower recovery in the industry. In this sense, it is noteworthy that more than half of the families surveyed (56%) intend to travel less in the future.

trips As for business trips, these have been drastically reduced in the last two years as a result of the labor changes generated by the pandemic, prioritizing teleworking or hybrid schemes.

Today, faced with the reopening of borders, companies face the dilemma of whether corporate travel is really necessary because of the face-to-face interaction that it enables, or whether reducing it, almost entirely, implies greater economic and environmental benefits by reducing their carbon emissions and thus meet their sustainability goals.


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