Colombia increases tourist connectivity in the country

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Colombia increases tourist connectivity in the country
Source: MINCIT
May 04, 2022

The Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism awarded the three routes that were pending of the total of 10 that were established in the FNTP-224-2021 Project for the "Promotion of New Destinations and/or National Routes"

Thus, the 10 routes proposed by the call made in February by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism are completed.

Within this second phase, and after confirming compliance with the requirements set out in the call, the following routes were chosen:

Pacifica de Aviación will operate Medellín – Capurganá. Viva Air will offer flights between Armenia – Cartagena and Armenia – San Andrés.

With these three new routes, the connectivity of the tourist regions is strengthened, through air connections, and an increase in the flow of national and foreign visitors is encouraged.
This will allow, incidentally, to promote the visibility of the natural, cultural, gastronomic, heritage and architectural wealth of destinations with great tourism potential that exists in the territories.
The Minister of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, María Ximena Lombana, highlighted that “this is a significant achievement for Colombia, because it supports #SafeEconomicReactivation and sustained growth in the country. With these actions we seek to increase tourism, the development of the regions and increase the benefits for citizens”
Four proposals were submitted to this second phase of the process, however, the Vice Ministry of Tourism, when consulting with the Special Administrative Unit of Civil Aeronautics (UAEAC) on the operability of the airports, managed to identify that the Necoclí airport does not comply with the minimum requirements for the continuous operation of a commercial route before June of this year, which is why the Medellín – Necoclí route, proposed by the airline Pacifica de Aviación, could not be included among the beneficiaries.
“With this announcement, the routes of the project are complete, which are added to the seven that were already awarded: Bucaramanga – Cali; Cali-Riohacha; Bogota – Tolu; Medellin – La Macarena; Barranquilla – Valledupar; Pereira-Villavicencio; and Cali-Monteria. Without a doubt, this greater air offer will allow an effective integral articulation with all the tourism agents in the departments, to achieve joint objectives”, affirmed the Deputy Minister of Tourism, Ricardo Galindo Bueno.
The FNTP-224-21 Project, formulated for the "Promotion of New Destinations and/or National Routes" and approved by Fontur in December 2021, contemplates a total investment of $850,000,000 in promotional campaigns for the airlines that will operate the new routes to national tourist destinations.

With this initiative, it is sought that more than 30,000 tourists travel to the different regions of the country and, in this way, contribute to the positive figures that are already present in the regions.

These results are already happening: between January and February of this year, the air traffic of regular national and international flights increased by 112.9%, compared to 2021, and 1.1%, compared to 2020. The goal of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism is to continue promoting tourism in the regions.


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