The 47th Congress of Travel Agents of Argentina began

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The 47th Congress of Travel Agents of Argentina began
Source: FAEVYT
May 06, 2022

The Argentine Federation of Associations of Travel and Tourism Companies (FAEVYT) holds the event in El Calafate

The 47th edition of the Congress of Travel Agents of the Argentine Federation of Associations of Travel and Tourism Companies (FAEVYT), the most anticipated meeting for travel and tourism companies, began before an auditorium filled with professionals, officials, authorities and referents of the tourism sector in the city of El Calafate, Santa Cruz.

The opening ceremony was headed by Gustavo Hani, president of the Argentine Federation of Associations of Travel and Tourism Agencies (FAEVYT) and the Argentine Chamber of Tourism (CAT); Matías Lammens, Minister of Tourism and Sports of the Nation; Alicia Kirchner, Governor of Santa Cruz; Sebastián Giobellina, president of the Federal Tourism Council (CFT); Fabián Lombardo, Commercial Director, Planning and Route Management of Aerolineas Argentinas; Ricardo Sosa, Executive Secretary of the National Institute for Tourism Promotion (INPROTUR) and Rubén Martínez, president of the Argentine Association of Travel Agencies and El Calafate Regional Tourism (AAAVYTFTE).

“This Congress is about focusing on what is to come, on generating new paths and dynamics that allow us to promote renewed business opportunities, seeking to innovate and grow to continue strengthening our role as travel agents, knowing that we are the main sales channel , the direct link with the passengers, who are every day putting the body, the knowledge and the experience so that Tourism is synonymous with quality "said Gustavo Hani during his opening speech and added "If there is something that the pandemic has made clear is that tourism, once and for all, must be considered a state policy that exceeds any government”.

Faced with a unique natural setting, the first day of the Congress also featured lectures and workshops given by specialists to empower travel agencies. Claudio Fantini opened the day of conferences with an in-depth analysis of the situation and the implication of the war in Ukraine in the new world.

Next, it was the turn of Joan Cwaik, who gave keys to new technologies and their relationship with the expansion of tourism and growth opportunities.

Regarding the workshops, the day began with thematic meetings that addressed the new challenges of receptive tourism, the current situation and the potential of National Parks and the perspectives of the sector read through the statistics provided by the Economic Observatory of Agencies of Travel -OEATUR-.

The second round of workshops featured a special meeting of the FAEVYT Gender Commission together with representatives of the Argentine LGBT Chamber of Commerce -CCGLAR- and the Women's Association of Tourism Business Executives -AFEET- with the focus on inclusive businesses.

For his part, within the framework of the Business School of the Ministry of Tourism and Sports of the Nation, Manuel Sbdar, provided the keys to maximizing the profitability of the business of tourism companies. In addition, Fabián Lombardo reviewed the work carried out by Aerolineas Argentinas to extend connectivity in the country and abroad.

An intense day was lived with training, talks and dissertations thinking about what is coming for the sector. Tomorrow the Congress will again offer outstanding workshops and conferences for travel agencies to continue adding tools to grow.


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