Universal Assistance committed to Ukrainian refugees in Latin America

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Universal Assistance committed to Ukrainian refugees in Latin America
Source: Universal Assistance
May 10, 2022

The company consolidates its social commitment, with an inclusive and current look

Universal Assistance, a leading travel assistance company, reaffirms its social commitment through a support program for Ukrainian citizens who are in Latin America as a result of the war. Thus, Universal Assistance echoes the current situation, and makes available, free of charge, a medical and psychological teleconsultation service in the following countries in the region: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Panama. 
This program allows people to have the possibility to communicate with a Ukrainian-speaking health professional through a video call from any mobile device, quickly and efficiently. Likewise, if necessary, you can obtain a prescription. 

“From Universal Assistance we firmly defend peace throughout the world, committed to making our service available, we will continue to do everything possible to provide our support at this time. We are convinced that by sharing this message you can help us reach all Ukrainian refugees in Latin America” comments Alfredo Fernandez Vega, CEO of Universal Assistance.


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