Argentina presents a special visa for digital nomads

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Argentina presents a special visa for digital nomads
May 11, 2022

Its objective is to attract tourists from all over the world who want to work or study taking advantage of the benefits that the country offers

Minister Lammens highlighted the work that has been carried out by the Tourism Promotion Institute when bringing tourists to our country: "receptive tourism is very important when generating dollars to continue growing," he also highlighted the training that will be carried out at tourism agencies and hotels so that they can increase the offer for digital nomads.

For her part, the director of migrations, Florencia Carignano, detailed the importance of the NOMADES DIGITAL plan, and the benefits for the provinces: “we are providing a tool so that the provinces can add benefits to the visas such as coworking spaces or tourist attractions” among others.

The visa for digital nomads can be processed online with a renewable six-month stay, allowing those who enter the country to provide services to foreign companies, and will also have differential rates in hotels and internal flights with Aerolineas Argentinas.

In addition, from INPROTUR we will carry out training for workers in the hotel sector so that they can become familiar with the needs of nomads, we have also developed a special seal so that they can identify them when looking for lodging and with the BIG BOX company we have made an alliance where tourists will have a points system to live adventure experiences.


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