Embratur makes a positive assessment of ATM 2022

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Embratur makes a positive assessment of ATM 2022
Source: Twitter @ATMDubai
May 13, 2022

The South American country seeks to attract tourists from the Arab market

This Thursday (12/05), the Embratur delegation finished a series of agendas in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), in order to strengthen relations with the players in a strategic market for Brazil. The program included a visit to the Arabian Travel Market fair, meetings with the main operators in the sector, forwarding collaboration agreements and, on the last day, it also served to take stock of the actions of international travel as it passed through the Embassy of Brazil in the United Arab Emirates.

“We return to Brazil with the certainty that the Arab market will give good results for Brazilian tourism. It is a market that is expected to spend more than US$200 billion on tourism in 2024 and we hope to increasingly consolidate our relationship with it and its representatives”, says the president of Embratur, Silvio Nascimento.

Also this Thursday, the Agency's delegation met with Bizzmosis, the office in charge of providing legal guidance for the future opening of an office in the country, especially with clarifications on local laws. Bizzmosis has a direct relationship with the Brazilian Arab Chamber of Commerce (CCAB), with which Embratur signed an agreement for a future association. Established in the Arab market and with an office in Dubai for four years, CCAB has 2,800 members in Brazil and 85 in the United Arab Emirates alone.

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In addition to the strengthening of the relationship with authorities and organizations in Dubai, there was a great advance in the talks with the tourism authorities of Abu Dhabi, capital of the United Arab Emirates. The intention is to align future associations.

Week in Dubai

On the first day of the agenda in Dubai, on Tuesday (10/05), the president of Embratur, Silvio Nascimento, together with the delegation, participated in the Arabian Travel Market fair, where he met with important government and tourism representatives . of the United Arab Emirates. Also during the tour of the fair, there was a meeting with Visit Abu Dhabi, which served to strengthen the relationship with the capital and encourage possible agreements to promote Brazilian tourism in the place.

On the second day (05/11), the meetings with the CCAB and the Al Rais Group were highlighted, which served to follow up on the protocol of intentions to establish an alliance for the promotion of Brazil in the Middle East.

To close the agenda, this Thursday, the Embratur team met with the Brazilian embassy in the country. There, the delegation took stock of the actions in Dubai and valued the international incursion as positive, since it established direct contacts with operators and advanced agreements to make the country known as a destination for Arabs.


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