Gran Evenia Panama, a luxury proposal aimed at business tourism

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Gran Evenia Panama, a luxury proposal aimed at business tourism
Oriol Molist, Evenia Hotels
Source: Evenia Hotels
May 17, 2022

The Evenia Hotels group inaugurated its new property in Panama, combining innovation, fusion gastronomy and leisure proposals

The Gran Evenia Panama offers a quality offer that combines innovation, efficiency and the comforts of a five-star luxury hotel. The hotel chain has just opened a new property in Panama. To find out more about this novelty, we exclusively interviewed its Manager, Oriol Molist. We share the answers below:

How did the project for this property come about?
The investment planning of theGran Evenia Panama emerged before the pandemic. Over the years we had maintained contact with the family that owned the old Las Vegas Hotel. We were interested in having a base of operations in Panama, because of its geographical location, its legal security, its solid economy and, of course, because of the currency; the dollar. From a consolidated position in Panama City, it was more feasible to focus on planning the expansion to other destinations in Latin America. We reached an agreement with them and made them a purchase offer. Shortly after we started up and completely remodeled the building, which enjoys an unbeatable location in the heart of the financial center of the city. The reform is practically comprehensive, we only kept the structure and turned it into the Great Evenia Panama that it is today.

What type of property is it and what type of clients is it aimed at?
The Gran Evenia Panamá is a five-star luxury hotel that has an innovative aesthetic with modern facilities and the latest energy efficiency techniques. It occupies a segment in the hotel market focused on corporate tourism, digital nomads, the business sector and bleisure. For this reason, it has meeting rooms equipped with the latest technology, leisure spaces such as the modern fitness room or the rooftop pool, and different types of rooms. 
The hotel has 100 rooms; the doublesDeluxe with one King Size or two Queen Size beds; the Junior Suites with kitchen and living room; the Presidential Suite with two complete rooms, and a hybrid called Business Suites, which also has an office perfectly equipped for teleworking and aimed precisely at our main market segment, bleisure.  

What is your gastronomic and entertainment proposal?
We wanted to bring a piece of Barcelona to Panama City and to show that concept of hospitality that we carry by flag within the walls of the Gran Evenia Panama. The gastronomic offer that we propose is based on Catalan and Spanish fusion cuisine accompanied by small local touches. Our restaurant El Jardín de Gaudí, in homage to the architect and maximum representative of Catalan modernism, is a nod to the Barcelona brand, due to its unique style, culture, design and architectural language in the world. 
The restaurant hasan exterior terrace and an interior patio to organize all kinds of events, breakfasts, lunches and dinners. The tenth floor has a fitness area, a rooftop bar and a rooftop pool for organizing night events of all kinds; afterwork, pool parties, private parties, etc. We want to offer, apart from five-star accommodation and a unique and exclusive experience in the professional field, with the most excellent qualities and comforts, an unbeatable leisure offer within the same hotel, of course in a suitable setting and with an architecture based on in the culture and modernism of Barcelona.  

Which source markets are of interest to you and why?
The geographical location of Panama allows us to make countries such as the United States, Colombia, Costa Rica or Panama itself the issuing markets of interest to us. In addition to Europe itself and of course Spain, which is in the top 10 of the world's main source markets. 

The construction process has been during the pandemic, how has decision-making been at such a critical moment?  
The global tourism sector has suffered greatly as a result of the appearance of the pandemic and obviously no one with such a project imagines such a global event. It has affected us in terms of the slowdown in the logistics and remodeling process. The hotel was scheduled to open last March 2020. And finally it has had to be postponed until now. We have dealt with this situation in the best possible way, preparing ourselves better for the future during this time.. We have improved processes, experiences to offer customers and, obviously, adjusted costs. The past 2020 and 2021 were not good years for the hotel business, but this 2022 seems to finally promise.

In a market as competitive as Panama, how have you worked to be an innovative proposal?
The Great Evenia Panamaoffers a quality offer, which combines the innovation, efficiency and comfort of a five-star luxury hotel, with the addition of a fusion and author gastronomic offer acclaimed all over the world. In addition to these two factors, we add a third, which is the combination of both with the leisure offer offered by the hotel itself. We are convinced that success lies in this mix and that, through it, a comfortable, enriching and pleasant experience is provided. This strategic alliance will make us remembered for offering Evenia Hotels a unique and complete experience from accommodation to gastronomic experience, including the enhancement of our leisure proposal. We are always clear about the mission of Evenia Hotels: being is the place where you can live your memories.


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