Accor reinforces its support for the fight against LGBTphobia

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Accor reinforces its support for the fight against LGBTphobia
Source: Accor
May 17, 2022

With the recovery of the hotel sector, the chain resumes its training program for its hotel directors and managers

On the International Day to Fight LGBTphobia, the group reinforces its position in the fight against these behaviors in South America and reaffirms its commitment to the cause.

The importance of combating LGBTphobia has never been greater, according to the Observatory Without LGBTI Violence of the Regional Information Network on LGBTI Violence in Latin America and the Caribbean, between 2014 and 2019 “more than 1,300 lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and intersex (LGBTI) have lost their lives violently in nine countries of our region. Meanwhile, according to the Observatory of Murdered Trans People TvT, of the 2,190 homicides reported between January 2008 and July 2016 in all regions of the world, 1,711 occurred in Latin America, which represents 78.1% of the crimes of hate reported globally.

The group's investment in actions against LGBTphobia has been recognized on several occasions. In 2021, Accor was one of the best companies to work for in the Great Place to Work LGBTQI+ 2021 ranking, where it ranked third on the list. “Our fight is for equality, respect and the inclusion of all our collaborators within the work environment. At Accor, everyone enjoys the same conditions and rights as a person”, says Antonietta Varlese, Senior Vice President of Communication, Institutional Relations, Sustainability and LGBTI+ leader of Accor South America.

With the resumption of activity in the hotel sector, Accor strengthens its training program for its hotel managers in the area of ​​Talent and Company Culture, with the aim of inspiring them in the role of recruiters, acting in an inclusive manner, offering concrete practices and basic concepts to facilitate the selection process of LGBTI+ professionals. “With the resumption of tourism and the hiring of new collaborators, we want everyone to feel welcome at Accor. We have constant internal work with our team through training and talks, among other actions”, reinforces Antonietta.

Another recent company initiative was the election of new ambassadors for the LGBTI+ Committees. The ambassadors have the role of strengthening Accor's presence in the main events, forums and with the main institutions of the cause, they are: Alexis Zurita (Chile) - Learning and Development Coordinator for Hispanic Countries and Exequiel Campos (Argentina) – Manager Novotel Buenos Aires and ibis Obelisco. They continue as ambassadors in 2022: Raúl Almeida (Brazil) – Sales Promoter, Oscar Gonima (Colombia) – Food and Beverages at Novotel Medellín, María Teresa Mejía (Colombia) – Manager at Novotel Medellín and Milagros Calderón (Peru) – Manager at Pullman Lima San Isidro.

Currently, the company has LGBTI+ Committees in five countries: Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Colombia and Peru.


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