SmartHotel expands in the Americas

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SmartHotel expands in the Americas
Jose Armando Cuello, SmartHotel
Source: Travel2latam
May 18, 2022

The technology firm has promoted its solutions during the DATE 2022 held in the Dominican Republic

Smart Hotel creates software for the hospitality industry that enables guest stay management in a new and reinvented way. The firm now operates on 3 continents, with clients ranging from budget hotels, large hotel chains and Airbnb apartments. To find out the details, during DATE 2022, we interviewed its Co-Founder José Armando Cuello. We share his responses below:

How did the company come about and what kind of solutions do you offer for the hospitality industry?
We are a software development company focused on reinventing the experience of guests visiting a hotel or short stays in an Airbnb property. It is an interface that allows communication in real time in any language. It is linked to Meta systems like Facebook, WhatsApp, e-mails and SMS messaging.

How do they stand out from other solutions on the market?
Our solution allows you to communicate with customers in their native language through a real-time translator. It is a very powerful tool that apart from communicating, offers the possibility of generating sales since the hotel begins to captivate the guest with products and services.
SmartHotel allows you to have general information about the property before, during and after the guest arrives, when a reservation confirmation arrives. It even allows you to send a link so that you can even check in in advance, attach a photo of documents, and even credit cards if required. It is extremely useful in destinations such as the Caribbean where in the hurricane season guests can be warned of the local news so that they are aware of the precautions they must take. Obviously it also increases fidelity.
Our product also allows hotels to prevent bad reviews from reaching the portals, because a customer satisfaction survey can be sent when they determine the hotel and thus act accordingly.

In which markets are you operating and what are the plans in our region?
We already have a good development in Asia, Africa and Europe with 9,000 hotels and 125,000 short-stay properties currently managed. The interesting thing is that it is not an application, but is accessed through a QR. This is one of the most attractive features as guests find it a bit annoying to download an app to go on vacation.
America has always been a very important region for the company and DATE 2022 has been the platform that has been used to promote ourselves and make known what it does then, the short-term plan is to conquer at least 40% of the occupation of the current rooms in the Dominican Republic. We had very good meetings, we already have deals closed, it is a product that has enchanted all hotel owners.


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