Xcaret participates in the 2022 Tourist Tianguis

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Xcaret participates in the 2022 Tourist Tianguis
Rodrigo Mota Velasco Loera, Xcaret
Source: Travel2latam
May 23, 2022

The event will be a solid promotion platform at a domestic and international level

Grupo Xcaret participates in the Tianguis Turístico presenting its main innovations. To learn about its current situation and perspectives, we interviewed Rodrigo Mota Velazco Loera, Director of Sales and Business Development at Grupo Xcaret. We share his responses below:

How do they arrive at the Tianguis Turístico and what novelties do they present?
We are happy to be participating in this edition and happy to see a fully recovered tourism industry. Today, fortunately, we once again have continuity with the most important markets and this year we can continue to grow our product portfolio.
Doing a bit of history, it is worth remembering that the group has been working on sustainable recreational activities in the Riviera Maya area for more than 30 years and today our portfolio includes seven parks and excursions to all the archaeological zones. We are even adding new attractions, on the one hand, we reopen our Xavage park in December 2021, we are very happy because it has been very well received. We are innovating in the way we present the adventure product with activities that are unique in the destination and that also allow this multigenerational travel trend to find an experience for all tastes. It is a controlled adventure product designed for the whole family from grandparents to even the little ones. There they will find activities such as mechanized rapid rivers that reach grade 3. The truth is that it is a very beautiful adventure. In addition, we have zip lines with a very fun, challenging but also very safe circuit. Like almost all our experiences, it is a full-day product that has an "all-inclusive" format, meaning that people will be able to enjoy lunch and drinks during their stay in the park. It is located right in the heart of the Riviera Maya, 10 minutes south of the airport. that is, people will be able to enjoy lunch and drinks during their stay in the park. It is located right in the heart of the Riviera Maya, 10 minutes south of the airport. that is, people will be able to enjoy lunch and drinks during their stay in the park. It is located right in the heart of the Riviera Maya, 10 minutes south of the airport.
It is important to highlight that all our projects, from their planning, contemplate the highest standards in terms of caring for the environment as well as links with the community.

How has it moved in the markets after the pandemic?
The national market is very important for the group, in some of our business units it represents up to 50% of the visitors. We also have many clients who come from the United States and Canada. Now we are also growing in South America. Both the US and Canadian markets are reaching higher levels than in 2019.

What new services have you added recently?
The company has incorporated maritime transportation between Cancun and Isla Mujeres and we are very happy with the results because it is one of the most demanded activities. We can offer the quality and experience that the group has in this important offer.
Last year we launched a ferry line for round trip transportation from the Cancun hotel zone to Isla Mujeres and in the second half of the year we will be presenting a catamaran experience where we will already include drinks, lunch and a club. beach We are very happy to be already an active part of the economic development of Isla Mujeres.
It is worth noting that our fleet of boats is completely new, we have two catamarans for 600 people that have the highest technology.
The group is reinventing itself and we are expanding our offer of high-quality products in the destination.

How do you imagine the immediate future?
We are going to be focused mainly on not neglecting the portfolio that we have, which is already very complete. We feel lucky, we have a high percentage of clients who have visited us three, four and five times. Every time they go to a vacation destination, they have Xcaret as a mandatory stop and that keeps us with the responsibility of always continuing to offer new experiences.

Can you give me details about the current status of the hotels they have?
The truth is that we are also very good. We started in the hotel segment only five years ago. Hotel Xcaret México is an all-inclusive resort for the whole family that pays tribute to Mexico with 900 suites integrated with nature, where we offer 10 gastronomic experiences and world-class amenities, all framed by the spectacular view of the Riviera Maya. While the Hotel Xcaret Arte offers a lodging experience where life finally meets art. Inspired by artists from the culture of Mexico, its 900 suites for adults are a space of artistic richness. Our portfolio is completed with La Casa de la Playa, a luxurious hotel for adults only in front of the Riviera Maya. In its 63 suites, our guests can discover the magic of Mexico in an intimate and sophisticated way.


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