Buenos Aires promotes its tourist attractions in Brazil

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Buenos Aires promotes its tourist attractions in Brazil
Lucas Delfino, Entur
Source: Entur
May 25, 2022

More than 300 operators and tourism service providers participated in the event

The City of Buenos Aires was part of the meeting held at the Argentine Embassy in Brazil in which INPROTUR presented the national tourism proposal, in which the City played a leading role. In turn, the reopening of the Buenos Aires - Brasilia air route was also launched.

More than 300 operators and providers of Argentine and Brazilian tourist services participated in the event; and the Argentine Ambassador in Brazil, Daniel Scioli; the Secretary of Tourism of Brasilia, William Almeida; the Executive Secretary of INPROTUR, Ricardo Sosa; the president of ENTUR, Lucas Delfino; and the Commercial Manager of Aerolineas Argentinas in Brazil, Iván Blanco Cadahia.

“We have been working jointly with the Ambassador and the Brazilian operators. Although the reactivation of the post-pandemic sector began with nearby destinations, it is time to start working on policies that encourage the arrival of foreign tourists from neighboring countries. Here the public-private articulation to provide an offer according to the needs of the people is essential.” says Lucas Delfino, president of Entur.

Brazil is one of the most important places at the emissive level for the City. In 2019, a record year in tourism for Buenos Aires, the neighboring country was the main contributor of foreign tourists (27% of the total for that year). In turn, during the first quarter of 2022, more than 33 thousand Brazilian tourists visited the City, of which more than 70% did so for vacations or leisure trips. 

At the connectivity level, Buenos Aires has been recovering several air routes that connect the City with Brazil. In the first quarter, it registered 45 weekly flights with São Paulo, 25 with Rio de Janeiro, 10 with Florianopolis and 3 with Salvador de Bahía and, as of April, it resumed the Buenos Aires - Brasilia route. 

“A key data to work for both international and national tourism is connectivity, frequencies and flight routes. The tourist prioritizes natural destinations, we have a country with a wide offer that could invigorate and generate progress in many Argentine provinces. Although we still need to recover the 269 monthly flights that we had in the first quarter of 2019, we are working together with the national governments of both countries in a very good way so that there are more and better air routes that interconnect the different destinations. Brazilians with the City” concluded Delfino.


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