Embratur invites to visit Pomerode, a Bavarian town two hours from Florianópolis

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Embratur invites to visit Pomerode, a Bavarian town two hours from Florianópolis
Source: Embratur
May 26, 2022

The destination has 90% of the population of German origin and its 34,000 inhabitants maintain the Bavarian atmosphere. Its architecture, gastronomy and peaceful village rhythm are its main attractions 

Pomerode is part of a region known as Valle Europeo Catarinense, a circuit of 19 cities with European influence that confirm the breadth of tourist options offered by the state of Santa Catarina: beaches in the middle of trees, hills overlooking the sea, skyscrapers, cliffs uninhabited and rural backwaters.  

Testimony of European immigration to the south of Brazil, Pomerode is a small town with well-organized tourism, albeit on a small scale, and whose inhabitants maintain the use of the Pomeranian dialect as a colloquial language and Hochdeutsch as a written language, modes of communication in disuse even in Europe.  

Ideal for cycling or for its various pedestrian routes, Pomerode has organized and signposted circuits for those who want to explore the place with or without the help of guides. Cyclists can also rent bikes and hire tours with accommodation specifications, levels of difficulty and days needed to undertake the adventure. The city is small and it is possible to travel without difficulties.

There are two main thoroughfares, called "21 de Janeiro" and "15 de Novembro", respectively, and "Herman Weege" street, leading to the center of the city. The architecture with facades decorated with wooden slats, the traditional Bavarian style, is the main visual attraction of the tour, although the city is located north of the Itajaí National Park, where forests, rivers and waterfalls abound, favoring contact with nature. and several rural tourism options. 

The streets are well marked, tree-lined and decorated with flowers, and have excellent gastronomic options. The hotel offer is wide and varied, depending on the wishes of the travelers and the time they intend to spend in the city; but during the holiday seasons it is advisable to book well in advance. The thermal amplitude in Pomerode is a factor to take into account: in summer it can reach 32 degrees, but in winter the temperature drops below 10 degrees.

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Bavarian Architectural 
Route The Enxaimel Route is a circuit of buildings in traditional German style that extends over 16 kilometres. Built before the Second World War, they are structures armed with wood, without metal beams, screws or cement, and which allowed the city to be chosen by the UN as one of the Best Tourist Cities in the world, for its historical and cultural heritage, sustainability, its traditions preserved and attractive to visitors. Casa Siewert is a recommended visit, where the history of the settlers who arrived in the region in the 19th century, summoned by the Brazilian government that wanted to populate the south of the country, is rescued. And to learn about the lifestyle of the pioneers, there is the Casa del Inmigrante Museum, with free access. 

Among the restaurants in Pomerode, one of the most traditional is Wunderwald, on Rua 15 de Novembro, which serves generous portions of traditional German food in a themed setting. Artisanal chocolate is a classic, and the Nugali factory also offers a guided tour of its manufacturing process (which uses no additives). European-style pastries are also a classic of the city, along with sweets and cheeses that can be sampled in restaurants and inns, paired with craft beers produced on site. 

The biggest festival in Pomerode is Osterfest, the Easter Festival, which takes place in the square on Rua Hermann Weege. Over the course of several months, each resident is careful to pierce, rather than simply break, each egg he uses for cooking; the virtually intact shells are collected and painted by hand until mid-March, and more than 100,000 colored eggshells are hung from a tree to form the world's largest Osterbaum (Easter Tree). And, as if that were not enough, Pomerode also holds the record for the largest decorated Easter egg: the one for the 2019 edition was 15 meters high, eight meters in diameter and was painted by the artist Romero Britto; both titles were recognized by Guinness World Records. In 2022, the Easter party welcomed around 200. 000 people between February 17 and April 17. And the events continue: in July, the Pomerode Food Festival brings together the city's restaurants to recreate a taste of modern German cuisine. In September, Pomerode Bierfest brings together dozens of Santa Catarina's craft breweries, and in December, traditional German breweries come alive with Weihnachtsfest, a Christmas party. 

How to get there
By car, from the south of Santa Catarina via BR-101 to the city of Navegantes; there it continues along the BR-470 to Blumenau and finally along the SC-421 to Pomerode. From the north, take the BR-280 to Jaraguá do Sul, and then the SC-416 that leads to Pomerade. By plane -with several options departing from Argentina- the closest airport to Pomerode is Navegantes (75 km), and another option to get there is Florianópolis International Airport, about 180 km away, and from there transfers, or car rental with or without a driver, although there are also bus services to the cities of the European Valley of Santa Catarina.


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