Pax Assistance already invoiced more than 2MM in its first 4 months

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Pax Assistance already invoiced more than 2MM in its first 4 months
Alexia Keglevich, Pax Assistance
Source: GMB Press
May 27, 2022

"Our DNA is to offer a service with a big heart, always prioritizing our travelers over general conditions", explains CEO & Co-founder Alexia Keglevich

The figures are overwhelming. According to various studies of the tourism industry, on average, 85% of travelers currently see travel assistance as an essential requirement when traveling. This vision on the part of the consumer changed drastically with the course of the pandemic, where health took full prominence.

“Pax Assistance was born to show a new way of accompanying travelers. We offer a more human, personalized, accessible and at the same time state-of-the-art technology experience. Our DNA is to offer a service with a big heart, always prioritizing our travelers over general conditions”, explains Alexia Keglevich, CEO & Co-founder of Pax Assistance, who has 34 years of experience in the field, leading for almost 15 years one of the companies in the sector as Global CEO.

The company, which was co-founded by Alexia together with the founding team of the Turismocity group was born less than half a year ago, is already strongly positioned in Latin America with surprising growth rates.

After two years of the pandemic, the world of travel has changed. Pax arises to respond to that new traveler, more aware and more demanding who does not want surprises when it comes to needing help. They provide personalized assistance, 24 hours a day via Whatsapp, and through this channel the service can be activated in more than 190 countries around the world.

“Our value proposition is based on offering a tailored product at the best price, from the most complete medical coverage, including COVID of course, to the possibility of adding additional benefits in just one click, such as medical assistance for athletes, greater coverage medical, or mobile device protection”, adds the founder of Pax Assistance.

Technological imprint and new consumer demand
One of the strengths of Pax Assistance is the 24/7 service through WhatsApp where the client chats with an agent who provides immediate assistance, follows up on the case and also, they provide emotional support to the traveler and his family in case of complex situations that require hospitalization or serious situations.

“We know that when a traveler had an accident or serious illness, empathy, speed in decisions and support for family members are essential. That is why we created a personalized support service for family members that is unique in the market so that, in crisis situations, we are fully connected, providing support not only to the traveler, but also to their family, who in general are going through a moment of very high stress and anxiety.” , clarifies Keglevich.

In addition to traditional products such as medical care, lodging and food expenses for quarantine in case of COVID, medical repatriation, medicines or compensation for missed flights; Pax Assistance also offers medical assistance for extreme athletes and care for pets. It also includes other extras such as protection of technological devices and for professional sports. In fact, the UAR and AFA have already chosen Pax to take care of their teams when they travel.

Another of the product's attractions is that it is flexible in its contracting, and can be contracted per day, for multiple trips or long stays of up to 1 year.

​People, not just technology
“Last month, we traveled with my family to Europe and on the second night my wife got sick. In short, they managed to eliminate by far all my skepticism about being attended via WhatsApp, since there really were people behind us who assisted us 100% empathetically. Luckily, the recovery was quick and it was left as an anecdote of the trip, period ”, details the user Federico on the TrustPilot review site.

From the company they indicate that 95% of the contacts come from WhatsApp, which marks the strong communication trend of travelers through this channel that facilitates and speeds up the procedures.


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