Embratur celebrates two years as the Brazilian Agency for International Tourism Promotion

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Embratur celebrates two years as the Brazilian Agency for International Tourism Promotion
Silvio Nascimento, Embratur
Source: Embratur
May 27, 2022

“It was a challenging period, but a lot of work and results. Now, we are 100% focused again on presenting the wonders of our country to foreigners and increasingly expanding the flow of travelers who come to see Brazil”, highlights President Silvio Nascimento

This Wednesday (5/25) Embratur completed two years as the Brazilian Agency for International Tourism Promotion. On the same day, in 2020, Law No. 14,002/2020 was promulgated, which transformed the then institute into an autonomous social service entity, under private law, as well as those affiliated with the S System. The change gave more autonomy to Embratur for the attraction of foreign tourists through the collection of private funds.

Since then, the new Agency faced new challenges and accumulated many results in its mission: to promote Brazil, its destinations and various attractions abroad. However, the first year after the transformation was totally out of the ordinary. With international tourism practically paralyzed by the Covid-19 pandemic and the state of public calamity decree, Embratur's activities had to focus on the domestic market, using its resources to help the Ministry of Tourism (MTur) promote tourism. country for Brazilians.

“We face this temporary change of mission and we count on the support and collaboration of the MTur until we can return to work abroad. It was a challenging period, but a lot of work and results. Now, we are 100% focused again on presenting the wonders of our country to foreigners and increasingly expanding the flow of travelers who come to see Brazil”, highlights the president of Embratur, Silvio Nascimento.

Durante este período, que duró hasta julio de 2021, Embratur realizó dos campañas nacionales. El primero, “Ser brasileño es estar siempre cerca de un destino increíble y seguro”, se centró en mostrar a los turistas del país la cantidad de atracciones cerca de casa. Difundida por radio, televisión, internet y en la calle, la campaña generó más de 600 millones de impactos, medida que se utiliza para indicar una estimación de cuántas veces fueron vistas las piezas por el público. Además, la Agencia también lanzó el Vacunómetro, utilizando el edificio de la FIESP, en São Paulo, para mostrar al país el avance de la vacunación y reforzar los protocolos de seguridad sanitaria.

The unprecedented national performance also included four press trips with journalists and influencers in the states of Pernambuco, Minas Gerais, Rio Grande do Sul and Bahia. The action generated 150 million hits and saved R$ 800 thousand, since it was carried out entirely with the support and collaboration of the national tourism sector. In addition, the Agency was present at the Boat Show (SP), Festival das Cataratas (PR), Festuris (RS) and Visit Pernambuco (PE), with an expected return of US$4.27 for each dollar invested.

Return to the international
As of July 2021, Embratur has refocused on its original mission, promoting Brazil in other countries and attracting foreign visitors. The Tokyo Olympics marked a return to international promotion. Focusing on promoting ecotourism and visa-free travel for Japanese visitors, the campaign had 4.5 million views between July and August on the Internet and foreign media.

The Agency also participated in roadshows again and was in eight European countries: Portugal, Spain, Germany, France, Finland, Denmark, Norway and Sweden. The new portal visitbrasil.com was also launched, with new functionalities and design. Thinking about tourist intelligence, Embratur invested in tools to promote the country abroad with more assertiveness. Meetings were also held to exchange experiences with union and sectoral entities.

In partnership with Brazilian embassies abroad, promotion in cities such as Madrid, Montevideo, Tel Aviv and Rome were part of Embratur's list of actions. In terms of public relations, the Agency carried out activations in Argentina, Chile, the United States, Paraguay, Uruguay, the United Arab Emirates, Spain, France and Portugal, with a return of R$ 28 million on investments between July and November.

Fairs and campaigns
With the return of international promotion, Embratur was also able to once again be present at the main tourism fairs in the world and carry out campaigns in strategic markets. The Agency was present at FITUR Madrid, the first international fair held after the start of the global pandemic, and at Expo Dubai 2020, in the United Arab Emirates, where, in collaboration with Apex, it had one of the five most visited stands among the 192 exhibitors.

As for the campaigns, Embratur resumed its international activities with a focus on South America and the United States. For the Latin market, “Uno, dos, Três, Brasil” presented the country as a possible destination for the summer. The campaign was broadcast in Argentina, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay on the internet, closed TV, magazines and external digital media, reaching 1.4 billion hits.

For the United States, the campaign “Brazil is visa free. Come visit”, intended to promote visa-free travel to tourists from the country so that they can come to Brazil. Issued between February and April of this year, the action generated US$5.7 million in trips from the US and increased searches for the term “visitbrasil” by 78% compared to the same period in 2021.

Alliance with Sebrae
Seeking to increasingly strengthen the tourism industry and enhance the sector's position as an essential activity for generating employment and income in the country, Embratur entered into a partnership with Sebrae at the beginning of 2022. The agreement provides for an investment of R $200 million in actions to promote Brazil and its destinations internationally.

Among the initiatives are participation in the main international fairs, such as BTL Lisboa (Portugal) and BIT Milano (Italy), as well as press trips, roadshows and advertising campaigns.

Upcoming actions
Until the end of 2022, Embratur has several actions and participation in fairs scheduled. Starting this Tuesday (24), the campaign “Visit Brazil. A wow experience”, which, in a relaxed way, uses North American interjections to position Brazil as the best destination for Americans. During the next 30 days, the Agency will work the Brazil brand in New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, Houston and Washington.

Between May and June, the Agency will be at IMEX Frankfurt, in Germany, and at FIEXPO Latin America, in Panama. A few days ago, two press trips were made with influencers from Spain and journalists from Paraguay and Chile, passing through the Rota das Emoções, Pernambuco and the São Francisco Valley. At the end of the year, the FIFA World Cup in Qatar will also be used as an opportunity to promote the country to the World Cup audience.


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