RoadRunAir, a new concept of luxury tourism

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RoadRunAir, a new concept of luxury tourism
Source: Facebook Roadrunair Tours
May 30, 2022

The company offers executive jets from private terminals with competitive prices

Moti Engelman and Uri Argov have announced the creation of a new travel concept to be run under the 'RoadRunAir' brand.

The experience of both (Moti as an airline captain, deputy director general of Israel Civil Aviation and a member of the board of directors of El Al, and Israeli-American Uri as a commercial pilot and former owner and founder of the accommodation wholesaler Tourico Holidays) led to the creation of RoadRunAir to meet the demand of people who want to fly privately and as a VIP celebrity, participating in multi-stop tours, but at a price accessible to almost any traveler.

To move the business, RoadRunAir obtained an Air Carrier Certificate and purchased several commercial jets that it will operate and fly in its own livery. Each plane brings 30 VIP seats, which have been adapted to luxury interiors to allow each passenger to be next to a window and with a cup holder in the center aisle, thus providing maximum comfort.

Passengers will travel on RoadRunAir jets from private terminals and in groups of up to 30 people to experience personalized and exclusive treatment during guided tours of multiple destinations and participating in a variety of VIP activities, while saving time and the hassle of security screening. that are so common in commercial terminals, and with the additional advantage of feeling less exposed to the coronavirus.

This new travel concept will be all-inclusive and starting at just $4,500 (which includes private flights, all hotels, meal packages, excursions, transportation, guides, and tips) and designed especially for travel professionals. Prices that are not much more expensive than economy class travel and therefore accessible to the vast majority of tourists. RoadRunAir tour prices are much more competitive than any comparable product globally.

RoadRunAir recently ran its first tours with travel professionals and travel media and is now open to travelers around the world. At the moment, the company offers three domestic travel itineraries within the US: The Southern States (listening to American music and making stops to visit destinations rich in natural beauty within Nashville, Memphis, New Orleans, Chattanooga and Lynchburg), The West Coast (San Fran, Napa, Bryce, Zion, Antilope Canyon, Sedona, and Vegas) and the Northeast US (to include visiting Niagara Falls, Hershey, Amish, and the Capital District).

Each trip lasts an average of seven to nine days, departing from New York or Los Angeles, depending on the route. RoadRunAir has plans to expand its portfolio of travel itineraries to include other routes such as the Caribbean, Europe, Latin America and more at a later date.

The concentration of the tours sales and marketing plan will focus on B2B distribution through tour operators and wholesalers, as well as retail travel agents and online travel agents with very competitive commissions, which includes the provision of a variety of of FAM trips in the coming months.

Moti Engelman, Co-Founder and CEO comments: “We have seen many attempts made by other companies using private planes, but the planes were always smaller and the prices were much higher. We knew that this could be done at a price accessible to any traveler – as long as we managed to operate and manage the aircraft and their services ourselves. Our executive team is highly skilled and brings a mix of aviation, travel, technology, marketing, sales and tourism operations experience. Unsurprisingly, we are already seeing demand coming from travel agents, tour operators and travel companies for our new concept.

Uri Argov, Co-Founder adds: “Moti and I have been planning this launch for many years, but it was during the pandemic that we really felt it was the right time to jump into action, as we would be giving people the ability to travel in safer conditions, within smaller groups and also have the advantage of having our concept ready for when the international market repair begins. As a result of this, we bought the planes and established the aviation and travel operating company and went to work. There really is nothing like this venture on the market. With RoadRunAir, everyone can truly enjoy the lifestyle that has been available to very few and explore destinations like never before.”

Leyla Allahverdiyeva, Director of Sales and Marketing adds: “We are delighted to introduce something truly new to the travel industry. We are all looking forward to traveling again, but with all the health and safety related procedures, people are still a bit hesitant. RoadRunAir has created a solution to combine a safer environment with accessible, all-inclusive VIP tours. Our travelers sit back and enjoy flying on private jets, through private terminals and reveling in our all-inclusive, all-inclusive security hand-crafted VIP tours, celebrity-style.


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