Quito Tourism showcases attributes to ignite tourism interest within the U.S.

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Quito Tourism showcases attributes to ignite tourism interest within the U.S.
Source: Quito Turismo
May 31, 2022

The ecuadorian capital has been promoted with a tour of events in major cities

Quito Turismo, the Ecuadorian entity responsible for the promotion for the UNESCO World Heritage city situated at latitude 00’00’ wrapped up its US tour this evening in San Francisco after a series of events that started in New York with a participation in Rethink on May 19th and 20th, followed by promotional events in Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

With the participation of Ecuadorean tour operators Tucaya Tours, Andean Travel Company, Go Galapagos by Klein Tours, Pure Ecuador, and the tourism offering Ciudad Mitad del Mundo (City in the Middle of the World), the roadshow generated great interest with over 500 tour operators, wholesaler, airlines, and media requesting information on the city and its tourism offerings. Representatives from the tourism office spoke to members of the trade and media highlighting the 10 + 2 reasons why Quito is the beginning of your journey for an upcoming vacation or to visit Ecuador.

This joint effort by Quito Tourism and the private sector is focused on diversifying and solidifying awareness of Ecuador’s capital city in the primary outbound markets of the United States. For Quito Tourism it is vital to constantly search for new promotional opportunities and strengthen the positioning of Quito as a top international destination.

“For Quito Turismo it is imperative that we take an active role in the reactivation of the tourism industry and the return of the US traveler which is the most important source of visitors to our city” said Ruben Lara, international markets coordinator at Quito Turismo. “We are so grateful to know that Quito remains one of the destinations of interest to the US travel industry and look forward to working many projects resulting from this visit.”

With a focus on expanding and strengthening the South American travel market amid the coronavirus pandemic, Quito participated in Rethink South America Travel show in New Your city during May 19 & 20. Quito gave a presentation to buyers, suppliers, tour operators and travel agents, established new relationships, and created business opportunities with other travel experts.

The event convened South America’s biggest travel destinations with a network of pre-qualified advisors from across North America and Canada and Quito could not miss it. Representatives of Quito Tourism were part of more than 50 exhibitors that attended the annual event signaling their commitment that South America is back and ready for business. More than 52 suppliers across eight South American countries were among attendees, along with nearly 300 buyers.

Quito endorsed key tourist segments such as culture, gastronomy, meetings/conventions, well-being, and nature. Representatives pointed out the extraordinary array of attractions.

Also, Quito tourism places specific emphasis on the city’s Safe Travel seal awarded by the WTTC (World Travel and Tourism Council). Visitors to the nation must show a negative antigen Covid test to enter Quito as well as the other international locations in the country, including the Galapagos, Amazon region and the Andean coast.

The primary goal of the promotional roadshow is to inspire more people to travel to Quito an incomparable city with abundant cultural richness, an internationally recognized gastronomy and with the warmth of service providers who are ready to receive U.S. travelers.


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