Avianca will offer more competitive prices to 64 destinations in America

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Avianca will offer more competitive prices to 64 destinations in America
Source: Avianca
June 01, 2022

Passengers will pay only for what they need for their flights with four different options

With the aim of continuing to offer a simpler product that meets the needs of each customer, from now on Avianca passengers can also customize their flights to 64 destinations in the Americas, buying the option that best suits their needs among 4 sizes (XS, S, M and L), to fly from October 1st.  

It is worth remembering that this scheme has already been implemented on domestic flights in Colombia and Ecuador, which has allowed passengers to access more competitive prices on their tickets.  

Manuel Ambriz, Avianca's Chief Commercial Officer commented: “We are advancing on our path to becoming the airline that everyone can fly with. That is why today we are presenting a new international fare scheme so that customers can enjoy their trips by choosing how to fly, which attributes to pay for, accessing a more practical and simple flight experience, without being tied to a particular class, and also with the option to add more than 15 products or services to your purchase if you need them”. And he added that “thanks to the changes implemented in the aircraft cabins, we reached the same levels of seats offered in 2019 in the Colombian domestic market with 15% fewer takeoffs, which means a very important contribution in reducing the footprint. of carbon”. 

The airline also specified that flights to and from Europe will continue to maintain the option of 5 sizes: S, M, L in economy class and XL and XXL in business class. 

In order to offer more and better seats to its customers, Avianca announced that the first plane with the complete offer of seats, which includes Premium, Plus and Economy seats, has already entered into operation.  

The Premium seat is an exclusive design made by Recaro Aircraft Seating (Recaro) for Avianca that is available in the first three rows of the plane and offers customers a wider seat with a recline for those who prefer to travel in greater comfort. It has a central console with individual compartments and customers will always be able to charge their devices thanks to the fact that this chair has a plug and USB port.   

“By October of this year, we will have more than 50 Airbus aircraft with the complete reconfiguration, that is, the Premium, Plus and Economy seats. Without a doubt, this will allow us to permanently have competitive prices, reduce the carbon footprint per passenger and collaborate with the decongestion of airports, by having up to 20% more capacity in each plane thanks to the addition of new seats.” , said Francisco Raddatz, Vice President of Fleet.  


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