Grupo Brisas, luxury and excellence with a Mexican spirit

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Grupo Brisas, luxury and excellence with a Mexican spirit
Source: Grupo Brisas
June 07, 2022

The chain has a collection of strategically located hotels. Its properties add up to a total of 2,889 rooms with high standards worldwide

Grupo Brisas is a collection of hotels that generates one-of-a-kind experiences. It gets its name from the famous Las Brisas Acapulco Resort, a mid-century jewel that set the standards of luxury and excellence of Mexican hospitality; each hotel in the collection offers a unique exemplar of authentic Mexican spirit. It has 3 flagship brands: NIZUC Resort & Spa, Las Brisas and Galería Plaza. The three divisions manage to combine a wide range of luxury products and services in the main destinations of the Mexican Republic, with a total of 2,889 rooms, offering the highest standards worldwide. To find out more details, we have interviewed its Sales Director Karla Olivo. We share their responses below.

Reviewing history, how did the company arise and with what objectives? 
The company was born in 1991 as part of Westin Hotels and Resorts, later in 2001 Las brisas Hotels and Resorts emerged with several subsequent name changes, later becoming what we know today as Grupo Brisas.

What type of clients are you targeting?
It caters to the romance traveler and families looking for a private and relaxed experience.

What initiatives do you have to promote yourself in such a competitive season?
We have very specific rate reviews to remain competitive VS our competitive set, we have advertising in electronic media and digital marketing to position ourselves in these channels. We pay a lot of attention to the service and its details, to always be the best option and that generates loyalty.

What are the added values ​​that they offer to distinguish themselves from competitors?
Complimentary breakfast in the room, private pool, personalized service, canapés and welcome wine.  

How do you see the tourism market in general and in particular in the region where you operate?
After the peak of the pandemic, we see a general improvement in the activation of travel plans around the world. Acapulco in particular benefited from road tourism, since people did not want to take a plane. Las brisas acapulco has registered a very notable improvement in its numbers as the hotel promotes social distancing in a natural way.

What kind of initiatives do you put into practice in terms of sustainability and corporate social responsibility?
The hotel has recycling programs, social responsibility programs such as a food bank, donations to social assistance houses. And on the other hand, the hotel has Earth check certification.


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