SKY launches new self-service technologies at Santiago Airport

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SKY launches new self-service technologies at Santiago Airport
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June 17, 2022

The company implemented two new technologies that will allow passengers to generate their boarding pass and baggage tag

The SKY airline implemented two new technologies in order to reduce waiting times for passengers at the airport, through the self-management of processes prior to boarding.

In this way, passengers will be able to check in, generate their boarding pass and their luggage tag, through the “Kiosks” self-service modules, available in the international and national terminals, and then enter their labeled luggage autonomously through the “Self Bag Drop” tool in the international terminal and through a “fast baggage delivery agent” in the domestic terminal. All this under the supervision and advice of SKY staff.

“With these new tools, what we seek is to provide our operation with more technology, in order to make our passengers' experience at the airport more efficient, agile and simple through self-management. This will reduce waiting times and crowds at the airport”, said Carmen Gloria Serrat, Commercial Director of SKY.

Using these new technologies, passengers will be able to reduce waiting times by 50%. However, to further optimize procedures at the airport, SKY recommends that its passengers check in beforehand through the “Manage your Flight” section on the website

Likewise, it is important to highlight that for those people who prefer the traditional procedure or require special services, SKY will also make available the modules attended by the company's personnel who will be able to generate their tickets and receive their respective luggage. In addition to the above, during the start-up of this new technology, company personnel will be present in the self-service modules to teach passengers how to use them, so that they can save time on their trips.

It is worth mentioning that the airline has promoted a digital transformation process in recent years, which has contemplated incorporating more technology into its customer service channels, with the aim of making it easier for its passengers to manage their flights, such as virtual assistance (chatbot) and the SKY App.


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