Cerro Castor starts its 2022 winter season on Friday, June 24

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Cerro Castor starts its 2022 winter season on Friday, June 24
Source: SO WHAT PR
June 21, 2022

The southernmost ski center in the world prepares its opening with the addition of a new 1,800-meter-long slope and a new lift

Cerro Castor, the southernmost ski center in the world, begins its season on June 24 and prepares for the winter season at the End of the World.
Its novelty? In addition to being able to purchase pre-sale passes and equipment rental online, it incorporates a new lift and a new 1,800-meter-long black difficulty track.

“From Cerro Castor we are preparing for the 2022 season. As a novelty this year we incorporated a new 1,800-meter-long runway and a new lift. In addition, we have launched our own e-Commerce. In this way, the purchase of passes, rental of equipment and classes can be done online on our website” says Francisco Paranza, Marketing Manager.
As every year, on Saturday, July 9, we will experience the "Winter Festival", which includes a show, activations and our traditional torchlight descent that became an iconic event not only in Tierra del Fuego, but also nationwide.
And he adds: “For many years we have been working for the growth and positioning of Cerro Castor. Always reflecting our quality of products and our services. We believe that this year we will continue in this line of growth with a large number of visitors who will come to live a unique experience in our destination."
Located just 26 km from Ushuaia, Cerro Castor offers the best conditions to enjoy multiple winter sports and entertainment options: 35 slopes with different levels of difficulty, 12 lifts, the largest snowpark in South America, 1 ski circuit cross, 1 area for beginners and off-piste, all in an area of ​​more than 650 skiable hectares. In addition, it has an ice skating rink, a cross-country skiing circuit and an extensive network of artificial snow, guaranteeing snow to the base of the complex throughout the season. Its snow-making system is the largest in South America and more than 30% of its surface is skied with artificial snow.
Prior to the start of the season, Cerro Castor will open the doors of its facilities with access to the Skating Rink and the Morada del Águila gastronomic point, recognized for its Fuegian lamb and its typical dishes of the area, located at the base of the Cerro . Starting on Friday, June 17, visitors will be able to enjoy the place.
The inauguration will have its provincial event called "Winter Festival" that will be held on Saturday, July 9, with its traditional Descent of Torches, in conjunction with the Government of Tierra del Fuego through the Fuegian Institute of Tourism and the Fuegian Public Television. 
The slopes are ready to receive a large number of visitors and skiers with the quantity and quality of snow guaranteed to enjoy, all season long, in Cerro Castor. Likewise, the place continues to work with the health protocols established in the framework of the pandemic caused by Covid-19.


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