17,000 travelers will arrive in Panama as a result of a new agreement

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17,000 travelers will arrive in Panama as a result of a new agreement
Source: ATP
June 22, 2022

The Central American country closed a promotion deal with the Travel Leaders Network (TLN), the largest travel agency network in the world with more than 55,000 travel agents

The announcement was made during the participation by the Minister of Tourism, Iván Eskildsen, in the EDGE Conference, in Denver, Colorado, which brings together the main travel agencies of the Travel Leaders group, as part of an official mission in the state of Colorado, whose central focus was tourism promotion to accelerate the arrival of visitors to the country and the reactivation of tourism.

The agreement with TLN will be financed by PROMTUR and resulted from a previous mission in New York, coordinated between the ATP and the private sector, and will allow the promotion of the Panamanian tourist offer in the United States and Canada, priority markets for travelers according to the Master Plan of Sustainable Tourism (PMTS 2020-2025). 17,000 visitors will arrive in Panama as a result of the agreement, which would generate an economic injection of $32 million to the country.

The Tourism Authority of Panama (ATP) would coordinate so that tourism companies registered in the National Tourism Registry can contribute their offer of tourism experiences to TLN travel agents, highlighting the cultural diversity and biodiversity of Panama, as well as our vibrant city, so that they can promote it among their clients.

The state of Colorado is considered by many the "mecca" of adventure tourism, so the mission that was carried out as part of the actions coordinated with the private sector in the Commission for the Reactivation of Tourist Demand, focused on different actions in this segment.

The mission also held the Adventure Connect event in alliance with the Adventure Travel and Trade Association (ATTA), the largest association of adventure tourism companies in the world. More than 30 tour operators and media from the US market participated in this event, as well as Panamanian companies that directly promoted their tourist offer. American companies were interested in promoting our destination and in contact with Panamanian companies.

During Adventure Connect, Minister Eskildsen conducted interviews with journalists who work in prestigious social communication media with wide coverage such as: Adventure Media, National News Media, BBC, CNN, among others, who were interested in publishing about the tourist adventure offer. Panamanian. These communicators also prepare journalistic reports for various print and digital media in the United States. 

A visit was also made to the offices of the adventure tourism company, Natural Habitat Adventures, which is part of the same economic group as Lindblad Expeditions, which operates the small National Geographic cruises, and together they are evaluating new operations that will promote to attract visitors to Panama.

During this work tour, Minister Eskildsen and the coordinator of the 1,000 km of Senderos project, Adrián Benedetti, took the opportunity to initiate the process of alliances with different organizations that will strengthen the 1,000 km of Senderos project, taking into account that Colorado is considered the “mecca” of adventure tourism.

With entities such as: Colorado State University, Colorado Office for Economic Development and International Trade and The Colorado Trail Foundation, it was possible to consolidate technical knowledge support for the development of this project that was launched in January 2021 by the ATP with the Ministry of Environment ( MiAmbiente), with the purpose of enabling land and water trails, integrating local communities. 

Eskildsen assured that during this working tour with the private sector, progress was made in positioning Panama as a world-class sustainable tourist destination based on the Sustainable Tourism Master Plan and in accelerating the reactivation of tourism, increasing the arrival of international visitors.


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